Launch literary contest in the genres biography and memoirs

In its 30th edition, the Book Magazine Award, organized by the Chilean newspaper “El Mercurio”, opened its call with Peru as the guest country, so Peruvian and Chilean authors, or foreigners with more than five years of residence in one of these two countries, may participate.

This year, the genres chosen for the contest are biography and memoirs. Rigorously original and unpublished works may enter into dispute, with a minimum length of 90 double-spaced pages.

The jury will be made up of the Peruvian writer Alonso Cueto and the Chileans Rodrigo Cánovas (academic) and María José Cot (historian), who will evaluate the quality and amenity of the prose, that the texts revolve around themes and characters of real historical, artistic, political or cultural interest, as well as the rigor in the case of biographies.

The winner of the contest will receive a single prize consisting of 9 million Chilean pesos (approximately $11,000, at the current exchange rate). In addition, the work will be published by the Ediciones El Mercurio label, paying the respective copyright to the creator.

The reception of the works has already begun and applications will be accepted until Friday, January 7, 2022. The final results will be announced in July of that same year.

The contest rules can be reviewed at

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