Goodbye to the concert boom? Cancellations and changes of location endanger the future

Goodbye to the concert boom? Cancellations and changes of location endanger the future

About 15 years ago people began to talk about the ‘boom’ of concerts in Lima. Whether because of the quality, whether because of the fame of those who arrived or their volume, the little word stuck like chewing gum: Roger Waters (2007 and 2018), Soda Stereo (2007), REM (2008), Metallica (2010 and 2014) , Guns N’ Roses (2010, 2016), Beyoncé (2010), Paul McCartney (2011 and 2014), the Rolling Stones (2016), Katy Perry (2018) and more landed at the Jorge Chávez.

Does the dream collapse?

When the pandemic arrived, all the shows announced for 2020 were postponed until the most serious time of infections, hospitalizations and deaths had passed. Then the keyword became something else: reactivation. Only in 2022 did Guns N’ Roses, Kiss (in their farewell show) and even Bad Bunny return, this time at the National Stadium, a venue that also received Harry Styles, another one left behind by the pandemic, and Coldplay, perhaps the best musical show in the history of Peru.

As always, in the last quarter the announcements of the following year’s concerts began, but at the same time something happened that would serve as a prophecy for 2023. 14,000 people were allowed to enter the first of Juan Luis Guerra’s two concerts in November. when the capacity limit was 9,000, so the Municipality of Surco closed the Arena Perú.

The year began and the Arena Perú was left empty, not suitable for shows according to Santiago de Surco, whose mayor Jorge Bruce went out to the media with his katana drawn: “There will be no more concerts like those that have been held in the past, we will not allow concerts in venues that are not soundproofed because that is a nuisance for all the neighbors.“, said. There were cancellations and changes of venues, but not only in Surco, and not only due to inspection. You could say that it has been the “perfect storm” in the sea of ​​artists.

Unlike other years, we cannot remember a time when so many concerts and festivals in Lima, where most international shows arrive, were canceled or changed venues so many times. “There has never been a year like this”Fahed Mitre, director of the All Access company that in recent months brought in Avril Lavigne, Alejandro Sanz and 5 Seconds of Summer, said by phone. The Municipality of Ate did not grant permission to this last show at the last minute.

Miter assures that it is a “political position“of the mayors who seek”ingratiate yourself with your neighbors”, which, he highlights, harms everyone. In the logic of the businessman, Surco has been imitated by Ate (“three hours before the event decided to deny authorization“) and Lima, which last Saturday did not allow the Rock in the Park event to take place. Miter, without going into details, talks about corruption and acknowledges having once been extorted in the context of organizing concerts.

A ‘boom’ without ‘venues’

Bogotá has its Movistar Arena (13,000 spectators), Santiago also (16,000 spectators) and not to mention Buenos Aires. Lima is in need in that regard: a special place is needed for shows with acoustics, closed so that the noise does not bother the neighbor. What is missing to finally have a great arena or concert venue in Peru?

Demand makes supply. Buenos Aires (Argentina), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and even Santiago (Chile) have been presenting for years and have had an influx of people who go to concerts much more than in Peru“, Alberto Menacho from Artes Perú told us a few months ago, who brings The Weeknd this 2023. “Let this continue for a couple more years, when people already have the habit of going to a concert, then a real need is created. [por una arena]”.

Unlike other years, we cannot remember a time when so many concerts and festivals in Lima, where most international shows arrive, were canceled or changed venues so many times.

We don’t have an arena, we work in stadiums and many of the stadiums are for soccer, so the dates are complicated.”said Miter for his part. “The National Stadium is a very unpredictable situation, you have to be very lucky to get a date. What is missing here is finding the place to place an arena. (…) An investment of more than 25, 30 million dollars is required. And now we do not have entrepreneurs who are willing to make an investment of this magnitude.”he added. It is worth noting that Kandavu told this newspaper weeks ago that they are studying the possibility of investing in the construction of an arena.

Canceled concerts

Lali Esposito

[Arena Perú]

Canceled on March 29, seven days before the show scheduled for the 5th of that month. So far, the presentation of the Argentine singer is the only concert announced for the Arena Perú in 2023 to be completely cancelled, with no possibility of changing venue due to the “lack of available and enabled venues.”

Latin Quarter Remix

[Club Cultural de Lima]

Canceled on April 17, twelve days before the show scheduled for the 29th. Officially the public was not offered a reason to explain the cancellation, but El Comercio sources point to two things: technical problems, but above all because they were not sold enough entries. Bizarrap, famous on networks, did not gather the same number of fans to see it in person.

Olga Tañón

[Explanada del Parque de la Exposición]

Canceled on April 17, the same day of the event. Olga Tañón did not come out to sing because, according to what the artist said on her social networks, “contractual breaches by the company Market Red SAC,” which organized the show. The singer indicates that to leave the country she had to make payments out of her own pocket. The company has not commented. El Comercio called the businessman, Paulo Miranda, but at the time of writing this article he did not answer our calls.

5 Seconds of Summer

[Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental]

Canceled on August 1, same day of the event. The District Municipality of Ate denied authorization for the show when the band was ready to play and with the spectators already in the venue. Supposedly, the municipality hides behind the fact that the organization did not carry out a procedure in advance. We looked for Ate’s version, but no one answers the phone number detailed on their website.

Together in concert

[Estadio San Marcos]

Canceled on August 14, five days before the event on the 19th. The organizer Fans & Music said in its statement that it was bankrupt after Indecopi seized the festival’s box office to pay for the return of tickets for the canceled Juan Luis Guerra show. in November 2022, which they also organized. “This action leaves us no alternative,” they indicated.

Rock in the park

[Explanada del Parque de la Exposición]

Canceled on September 9, the same day of the festival. The Municipality of Lima indicated that it made the decision with the event because it “exceeded the permitted sound pressure limits,” but this was before there was even music. The organization of the event said that it was an “illegal and arbitrary” decision, [que] It affects all the efforts we have made.” The truth is that there is a condominium in front of the esplanade, whose neighbors receive all the noise.

Lima Music Festival

National Stadium]

Canceled on September 3, nineteen days before the festival scheduled for the 22nd. The cancellation was collateral damage to the decision of the Peruvian Sports Institute (IPD), legal administrator of the stadium, which changed its initial decision not to use the venue for the Peru qualifiers. Kandavu, organizer of the festival, said she was informed in February of this year that there would be no Peruvian National Team matches that would overlap with the concerts, which is why she rented the stadium. “[Esto] It harms us economically, morally and also harms the public,” the organization said. El Comercio sought out Kandavu, but at the moment will not give statements.

Local changes and uncertainty

The emblematic case of the venue changes is Fito Paez, originally announced for Arena 1 in San Miguel, but which moved to National Stadium due to “high demand”, with an increase in the box office due to the capacity of the new venue. This show returned to Arena 1 after the aforementioned IPD announcement. Hombres G was luckier, moving from Arena 1 to Nacional and staying there.

The inspection in Santiago de Surco led to four concerts changing venues. In Arena Perú they would play Paramore (it went to San Marcos Stadium), Joaquín Sabina (moved to the Military Circle of Peru) and Alejandro Fernández (moved to the Lima-Chorrillos Cultural Club); while in Plaza Arena Ha*Ash would play (he also went to the Lima-Chorrillos Cultural Club). There are also the unexplained changes, like that of Calvin Harris, announced for the National Stadium and which ended up taking place at the San Marcos Stadium just five days before the show. One can only speculate as to why.

The San Marcos Stadium is the most recent venue that is in danger, since the Municipality of Lima closed it for 60 days due to complaints from neighbors and the students of the school themselves. National University of San Marcos. Manowar, who was due to play there on September 14, moved to Arena 1; Rawr Alejandro, from October 28, went to the National Stadium; and Aguamarina will remain in the same place, but on a different date: November 25. Curiously, it is the same date and venue for the Vivo x el Rock festival, organized by Kandavu and which has not yet said anything about this crossover.

Finally, the mystery of the year: The Weeknd, scheduled for October 22 at the San Marcos Stadium. We are seeking to speak with the organizing company, Live Nation, but at the moment they will not declare. Instead, they issued a statement on social networks where they claim to be “decisively supporting the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos to raise the minor observations that motivated the temporary closure of its stadium.”

There are still several concerts scheduled for 2023, but recent developments leave fans doubting whether they will happen or whether they will be canceled when they are in line. Even the company that brings in Roger Waters had to issue a statement to calm the anxious ones. The year is not over yet, but this show of doubts, last-minute changes and anticlimactic endings is more disconcerting than melodious.

The last

The Selvámonos case

Originally scheduled for June 30 and July 1, the Selvámonos festival was postponed to June 2024 “due to the political and economic situation.”

Source: Elcomercio