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Teresa Bracamonte exhibits her new artistic work “I am Your Fantasy” in Brussels

Teresa Bracamonte exhibits her new artistic work “I am Your Fantasy” in Brussels

Teresa Bracamonte exhibits her new artistic work “I am Your Fantasy” in Brussels

The renowned Peruvian visual artist Teresa Bracamonte, based in Paris since 2017, has dazzled the international art scene once again with her solo exhibition “I am your fantasy”, inaugurated last October 12 at the Émilie Dujat gallery in Brussels, Belgium. After her successful exhibition in Paris earlier this year, Bracamonte has returned with a provocative artistic proposal that challenges conventional perceptions of femininity and identity in contemporary society.

Using painting and photography as means of expression, “I am your fantasy” presents a series of pieces that explore portraiture and self-portrait, capturing the evolution and self-discovery of the artist on her journey towards personal affirmation and the questioning of norms imposed on women. The exclusive photographic self-portraits in this exhibition capture the transformations of Bracamonte’s face, metamorphosing into ten variations of inflatable dolls. This bold, raw and disturbing act reveals the objectification and objectification of the female image in contemporary culture.

The exhibition is a call to reflect on the role of women in today’s society, especially in a world that is still influenced by patriarchy. The presentation seeks to dismantle the social construction of femininity and highlight how women are often forced to adapt and alienate themselves to meet male and social expectations.

“This exhibition is a journey of my evolution and self-discovery as a female artist in recent years. Currently, the self-portrait has become for me an empowerment tool that allows me to affirm myself and highlight universal, but at the same time intimate themes.”says Bracamonte.

Bracamonte herself, once a model in Lima, knows firsthand the pressures and expectations placed on women from a young age. However, she decided to leave the world of fashion to dedicate herself completely to her artistic passion. Since then, she explored the marginal universes of Lima and has portrayed transsexuals and marginalized people, which has contributed to her own process of self-discovery and reaffirmation.

The artist, whose works contrast chiaroscuro and provocation, challenges the viewer with frontal views that question the condition of women in contemporary society. Her paintings, often unfinished and vibrant, depict female figures evolving into a range of roles including femme fatale, saint, prostitute and erotica, showing how the image of women is a constantly transforming construct.

At the heart of “I am your fantasy,” Teresa Bracamonte poses a provocative question: to what extent are we willing to alienate ourselves to satisfy the desire of others? The exhibition challenges the idea that women continue to wear a costume assigned by society and that they often sacrifice their identity for the illusion of pleasing others.

Teresa Bracamonte not only exposes her art, but also a powerful message of emancipation and self-affirmation for women. Her work is not limited to provocation; she seeks communication and deep questioning, encouraging women to reclaim their bodies, their image and their lives.

Using painting and photography, this new artistic proposal by Bracamonte consists of a series of pieces that move through portraiture and self-portrait.

This exhibition will be open to the general public at the Émilie Dujat gallery, Rue Simonis 33, Brussels, until October 26, 2023. The exhibition is an opportunity to question and re-evaluate perceptions of femininity and identity in a society that continues dealing with patriarchal power structures. Teresa Bracamonte, with her brave artistic exploration, challenges norms and opens a space for reflection and empowerment of women around the world.

About the exhibition

“I am your Fantasy”

Place: Rue Simonis 33 – 1050 gÉmilie Dujat gallery in Brussels (Belgium).

Date: Of the October 12 to 26

Source: Elcomercio

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