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Quentin Tarantino explains his obsession with women’s feet

Quentin Tarantino adores women’s feet, he never hid it. The director went so far as to film, in a very intense way, the feet of some of the main actresses in his films, whether in Kill Bill Where Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. So much so that the filmmaker was questioned on the subject by the magazine GQ. And he seems to find that quite normal.

“There are a lot of feet in a lot of films from good directors. Before me, the person who defined foot fetishism was Luis Buñuel, another film director. And Hitchcock was accused of that and Sofia Coppola too, ”he explained, before continuing:“ It’s just good achievement. But I don’t take it really seriously ”.

New life

In the interview centered around his first novel, an adaptation of his last film, Quentin Tarantino also talks about another of his favorite subjects: the cinema. “From 14 to 22 or 23, I saw so many movies… But it was rare, unless the movie was a huge success, that I saw something that other kids in school or my family were watching. Most of the time, I saw a bunch of movies and never told anyone about them, ”he said.

This is the reason why his next book will probably be a book of film reviews, scheduled for “in the years to come”. No question of hurrying for the young dad. Another project: essays on directors Brian de Palma, Sergio Corbucci, Don Siegel or Robert Aldrich. Maybe… “I don’t think I’m going to finish them.” They are in a drawer, without being typed on the computer, ”he revealed.


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