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“All the lives of the guinea pig”: the illustrated interview with Juan Acevedo, the creator of the remembered Peruvian comic rodent

In the colorful palette of Peruvian comics, Juan Acevedo stands out as the genius behind “El Cuy”, a character who has conquered hearts and generated laughter over the years. The illustrated interview “All the Lives of the Guinea Pig” immerses readers in Acevedo’s fascinating creative universe, revealing the layers and nuances that have given life to this endearing rodent.

Through Enrique Planas’s skillful illustrations and insightful questions, the interview sheds light on Acevedo’s creative process and the multiple lives “El Cuy” has experienced. From his first antics in the pages of The Street in 1979 to his resurgence in the digital age in 2008, the character has evolved, but his unique essence and his ability to bring smiles have remained intact.

The script was written by Enrique Planas and the illustration was by Víctor Aguilar Rúa

With a prolific career that has left his mark in prominent magazines and newspapers in Peru, Acevedo is the genius behind “El Cuy”, a character who has achieved international recognition and was recently the subject of study at the University of Tempe, Arizona.

The interview not only celebrates Acevedo’s mastery of the ninth art, but also invites readers to explore the timelessness and universality of humor through the vignettes of “El Cuy.” He discovers the magic that hides behind each stroke and the laughter that lasts in “All the Lives of the Cuy.” Access the interview here.

Source: Elcomercio

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