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La Mariposario: Learn how the restaurant and butterfly sanctuary located in Miraflores was renovated

On La Mar avenue, in Miraflores, we can find a space where flora, fauna and gastronomy meet. La Mariposario is a space that celebrates cuisine and nature thanks to its culinary bets and the five-story butterfly sanctuary that is located in the same building. Created by the brothers Paola and Jean Paul Poblet, the space faced various difficulties due to the pandemic and had to stop operations until further notice. Earlier this month they reopened the place and in Advantage we decided to visit them. We tell you everything you need to know if you want to visit it.

On the first and second levels is the restaurant, run by the chef Daniel Benites. The new bet has great Amazonian influence and highlights the wealth of resources that characterizes our country. “This idea was born because it is known that butterflies play a very important role in the Peruvian jungle, since without them it would not be possible for a large part of the Amazonian flora to exist and endure for the benefit of all,” said the chef.

Definitely a dish that cannot be missed is The cause of the paiche. It consists of small pieces of potato with sachaculantro and pieces of paiche al panko. The combination of textures are perfect and delicious. To finish, this dish is served with Amazonian honey, a perfect touch of sweet.

The stewed risotto was a favorite.  (Photo: La Mariposario Diffusion)

Another preparation that they managed to perfect is the Afuanado risotto. Imagine the delicious flavor of a juane but with a looser and creamier texture. This is served with a jerky chicken wrap cooked to perfection and a well-sealed exterior. To continue with this meal we recommend the Cecina blondie and caramel cream. The texture of the cake is incredible and the surprising combination with jerky is perfect and balanced. The caramel cream gives you the sweet touch you need and there is no better way to end the experience.

“We have a bio-garden located in Pachacamac, and our inputs come from that incredible place and the Peruvian jungle, we take great care of biodiversity, health and La Mariposario will offer these inputs in the different dishes, such as the Tartaré de paiche acevichado, the risotto afuanado, the sacha patarasca or the sacha jerky pizza and cocona confit. We are very happy with the result of our kitchen with purpose. ”, Indicated Daniel.

(Photo: La Mariposario Diffusion)


We go up to the fourth floor and as soon as the elevator doors open we are welcomed by a rooftop that pays homage to the sanctuary that we later visit. Let’s start with the cocktail menu, created entirely by Jean Paul. The favorite was definitely The Butterfly Garden, which has two types of rums, pineapple, passion fruit, melon liqueur and coconut liqueur. “This was one of the drinks we went around and around until we achieved what we offer,” explains Poblet.

La Mariposario cocktail.  (Photo: Jesus Saucedo / GEC)

A softer and just as colorful option is the Forest butterfly, which focuses on red berries. It has gin and red fruit puree, lemon and raspberry vodka.

The experience wouldn’t be complete without a few bites, so we got to enjoy some options as well. The first recommendation is the panko prawns with jerky, served with three types of accompaniments: cocona jam, spicy cocona mayonnaise and lemon juice combined with oil.

The tostones are unmissable, both the cherry tomatoes confit with cheese and the avocado with jerky. Both are served on crusty bread and over a kale pesto that is perfect for balancing the flavors. One dish that was unexpectedly popular was the paiche tartar, served over sushi rice and served with nori seaweed.

(Photo: Jesus Saucedo / GEC)


“Our space specializes in offering an experience that goes beyond the culinary because of the presence of butterflies, so betting on delivery or take out was not an option during quarantine,” explains Paola.

“Before the pandemic we had about 200 butterflies, but because the life cycle of butterflies is short and all the quarantine restrictions, at the moment we have about 10. The interesting thing, and positive, is that the butterflies they have been reproduced in this space, that is to say, they are really adapted ”, adds Jean Paul Poblet while we visit the sanctuary.

(Photo: Jesus Saucedo / GEC)

Regarding the other challenges they had, Paola comments that they have had to reduce the team that works there, so she recommends that they come under reservation. “We are a team that is committed to providing the best experience to those who visit us, which is why we have reduced the number of diners. So everyone can experience the best of our cocktails and gastronomy ”, mentions the chef, who is in charge of the rooftop menu.

Despite all the difficulties, La Mariposario has managed to reinvent itself and adapt to the new times in the best way: with special attention to its menus, both cocktails and dishes, and betting on the personalized and quality attention that represents them. .

The brothers and owners of La Mariposario, Paola and Jean Paul Poblet.  (Photo: Jesus Saucedo / GEC)


The Butterfly Garden serves in two spaces. The first is the restaurant and they attend from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm and from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm The second is the rooftop garden y cocktail bar, which is open from 11 am to 5 pm (coffee / bar) and from 5 pm to 11 pm (cocktail bar). Can do reservations via WhatsApp al 946385779.


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