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Eva Ayllón shone at the “Maravillosos Memories” concert

Eva Ayllón shone at the “Maravillosos Memories” concert

Eva Ayllón shone at the “Maravillosos Memories” concert

The great Peruvian singer Eva Ayllon He offered a spectacular concert last night at the Canout Theater, in which he and his audience traveled to the Golden Age of Romantic Music. She was accompanied on stage by other prominent artists: Homero from Peru, Lita Pezo and the renowned Chilean singer and presenter Luis Jara.

Eva Ayllon presented the ‘soundtrack’ of his childhood and adolescence. “Río Verde” gave the honorary play. Along with this topic came confessions such as that before making Creole music, she performed songs from the New Wave. “This is the first song I sang, when Don Pedrín Chispas (the famous artist was part of his dance group on TV), ordered me to sing as punishment and look now…”, Eva revealed to her audience.

While the audience applauded, the songs arrived, including “Summer Nectar”, “At the Gates of Heaven”, “I’m Going to Paint”, “Cardboard Puppets”, “La Bambola” and “The Rain Ended”. “I want to remind you that I am singing almost the same as the originals, in the 60s and 70s there were no melismas and sopranos, I come from that school, I want to honor them in this way“said the teacher as a preamble to her interpretation of “Puerto Montt”, “One Hundred Kilos of Clay” and a mix of “Lisa of the Blue Eyes”, “Gitano es mi corazón” and “Trotamundo”.

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At one point during the concert, the teacher confessed that she also has her idols, among them, Homer, with whom he shared the stage for the first time. “I am very grateful, at the first call he accepted my invitation. I love him very much, I admire him. I can’t believe I’m here. Let it be stated in the minutes that we will continue singing together, maestro.”Ayllón said. After a costume change, Eva returned to the stage to sing a duet with Homer: “How we are” and “The sword of the heart.”

Then, the Creole continued alone with a mix of “Those black eyes”, “Your affection is gone to me” and “Tell me how it went”. Immediately afterwards, she called to the platform Lita Pezo. “This repertoire is not from its time, because it is my granddaughter. Now, I want to call my little girl“, said. Together they made “La nave del olvido”, a duet that left the audience with honey on their lips. Once again alone, they followed “La Ventana”, “No puede ser”, “Visión de autumn” and “Que Sabe Nadie”, a song that she sang for the first time 30 years ago, at the Municipal Theater.

The big surprise of the night came with the Chilean singer and TV presenter Luis Jara. “I am very happy to have the presence tonight of a great friend, whom I love, admire and respect, I want him to come to Peru with his wonderful songs, welcome Lucho Jara”Eva announced.

I am going to take a few seconds to tell the Peruvian people that as a representative of the Chilean people, I am a witness to the love that Chile feels for this woman… I have the honor and pleasure of not only loving and respecting her as a singer, but as the tremendous human being what is”Jara responded. Together, with a beak in their mouth included, they masterfully performed “Amor por ti” and “I love you, I love you.” The applause from the audience was unanimous.

After the presentation of her band, thanks to her unconditional followers moved to tears and thanks to her entire team, Eva Ayllón closed her extraordinary night of musical longings with “Corazóncontent”, “La tarara”, “Popotitos” and “Oye chica “, but not before wishing for a Happy Father’s Day to all of Peru.

Source: Elcomercio

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