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Brenda Carvalho and her love story with Julinho: “She takes me 19 years, but that has never been a problem”

Brenda Carvalho and her love story with Julinho: “She takes me 19 years, but that has never been a problem”

Brenda Carvalho and her love story with Julinho: “She takes me 19 years, but that has never been a problem”

Brenda Carvalho (São Paulo, 1986) arrived in Peru at the age of 17 with the group Axé Bahía. After touring a large part of South America, the United States and Spain with the Brazilian group, she decided to settle in our country, attracted by its kindness, its people and, above all, its love. She has been a Peruvian national for a decade and is currently one of the strongest competitors on “El Gran Chef Famosos”. “Staying here has been the best decision I have made in my life.”, he assures.

With the sparkle of nostalgia in her eyes, the well-versed dancer shares memorable memories of her childhood and adolescence in Brazil, and her passionate love story with former soccer player Julinho.

I was always involved in the artistic world because my mother was a professional dancer and my father was a musician. They encouraged me to pursue what I loved most.“, acknowledges Carvalho, who despite having had a happy childhood, admits that it was not free of economic shortcomings.

In Brazil there was a very drastic political era; They froze everyone’s accounts and my parents had to figure out how to get ahead. They bought a Lay’s potato chip maker, and you saw us all peeling potatoes, frying, canning and selling. I did that daily after school. I had a childhood of total learning and many smiles. My mom gave us fun challenges. We could only eat soup with onions, but we were happy. My parents camouflaged the difficulties”, he points out.

Brenda Carvalho’s life took a significant turn in 2002 when she joined Axé Bahía, replacing its leader, Flaviana Seeling, who was away to give birth to her first-born child. Initially, her participation would be three months, accompanying the group on the international tour “Tudo Bem II” through Central and South America. However, her stay was extended for some time longer.

We went to more than 20 countries, but the love I received in Peru marked me. The people were very warm to me, the food was tasty, and I had just met a Peruvian (her ex-husband, the businessman Stefano Arfinengo) and I decided to stay. I studied advertising, and I am much more than grateful. Then, more than ten years ago, Julinho recommended that I become a national.”, he shares.

His story of artistic success continued with Exporto Brasil, a group he formed during his stay in Peru with fellow Brazilian dancers Paloma Fiuza, Bruno Chaerk, Thiago Cunha and Rodrigo Zimoski.

Exporto Brasil was the stage that everyone knew in ‘Habacilar’ and it was a boom, but I no longer continued. Ten years ago, I created the page Exporto Brasil Dance on YouTube to dance all rhythms, including reggaeton, in aerobic style. It is not a group; I choreograph with dancers and special guests and present shows for birthdays, weddings and any other social event for adults. For children, I have ‘The Brenda Carvalho Show’”, he clarifies.

Brenda is a member of the current season of “El Gran Chef: Famosos”, where she stands out as one of the strongest competitors. Until a week ago, she shared the competition with her partner, the former soccer player Julinho.

They called me last year, but I couldn’t participate because it conflicted with presentations, tours, shows and other commitments that I had previously scheduled. To be on ‘The Great Chef’, you have to have at least eight weeks off, since it is a reality show and you don’t know what will happen“, he specifies, clarifying that Julinho’s participation did not condition his entry into the program. “They loved him too. Unfortunately, he was eliminated, but he left happy because he had a lot of fun. Always take the positive side of everything“, Add.

More united than ever

The love between Brenda and the former Sporting Cristal footballer was not at first sight. The artist confesses that in their first meeting, during a visit to the defunct program “Lima, Limón”, they both hit it off. However, fate continued to bring them together in various settings both on and off television and little by little they began to discover a special connection that ended up uniting them.

Since I’m a little electric, the first time I saw him I greeted him warmly because he was from Brazil like me, and he looked at me ugly. He seemed superfluous to me, that he thought he was the best. We fell badly. I had separated and was living my moment of mourning, dedicated one hundred percent to work, something that was decisive for my emotional and mental recovery. Julinho had also gotten out of a relationship. We were both single”, he clarifies.

_How does this great love arise?

Things happens. I don’t have anything planned in my life, I don’t even organize my own birthday. I like things to flow because I think improvised things come out better. We spent time hanging out, hanging out, laughing with friends, and he was always there because he was single too. After a year, we began to see each other differently and discovered that our relationship was based on mutual respect and admiration. In moments of sadness, we were always there to hug each other, take care of each other and give each other love, security and protection. Out of nowhere, love was born, like a beautiful friendship that grew without knowing what the future would bring us.

_When the romance came to light, Julinho’s ex-partner, Paula Arias, said that having been friends, she did not see it favorably. How did you receive her comments?

They were times long past with a lot of history and stories. I prefer not to talk about that topic.

_The jury of “The Great Chef agreed that they have not met a participant with a more positive attitude than Julinho. What is it like behind screens?

He is super happy, generous, always has a positive mind, he is an athlete, he has maintained a correct career. Currently, he is a Cristal minor coach, he provides a lot of psychological advice and lifts spirits. He is also the technical director of the Blue Rays, and at night on the program “A Pressure”. He left “The Great Chef” happy because he never thought he would cook such gourmet dishes.

_After thirteen years of relationship, is marriage part of your life plans?

We feel that we are already married and we lead a life as if we were. We see it only as a document, a signature. For us it is not relevant and it is not in our plans.

_In 2022 you commented that you had started fertility treatment. Are you still on that path?

They had to put a lot of hormones in my belly and we have struggled together with the issue of pregnancy. Now I decided to stop a little because it is necessary to let the body breathe after so many hormones. If God allows it, it will be welcome.

_At some point was the age difference an obstacle to your relationship?

He’s 19 years older than me, but that’s never been a problem for us. When souls meet, age does not matter; The fundamental thing is behavior and connection. Julinho is very jovial, he is like a child trapped in the body of someone who is 59. He has a duality between being a child and an adult.

_How do you perceive the competition in “The Great Chef: Famous”? Do you aim to win?

It’s strong. I entered the program with the purpose of learning to cook, and that is precisely what I am doing. I discovered that I have seasoning and every day I become more fond of this art.

Source: Elcomercio

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