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Lenin Q-Pop shared the stage with Seungha Oh in Lima

Lenin Q-Pop shared the stage with Seungha Oh in Lima

Lenin Q-Pop shared the stage with Seungha Oh in Lima

Lenin Tamayocreator of Quechua Pop, performed alongside 21 dancers at the Korea Week activities, organized by APEC, where a cultural exchange took place between the Asian country and Peru.

The show took place on Sunday, July 7, sharing the stage with the renowned Korean artist Seungha Oh and the magician Hoon Lee. A day earlier, on Saturday, July 6, Lenin was sworn in at the K-pop World Festival Peru 2024. An event that brought together hundreds of young people who demonstrated their dancing talent.

It is important to note that Lenin Tamayo is marking a milestone in his career as he will embark on a tour of Asia. The tour will take place between September 29 and October 26, 2024, where he promises to captivate his followers and Asian audiences, preaching a message of cultural diversity.

Lenin Tamayo and his cultural tour through Asia, will be carried out with the support of the Peruvian embassies in different countries of the distant continent. In this way, the artist will visit South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand respectively. Also, one of the novelties is that they have recorded a Korean song that will be a surprise gift.

It is vitally important to highlight that Yolanda Pinares from Peru and Lenin Tamayo, creator of pop in Quechua, won the award for best social impact video at the Video Prisma Awards in Argentina on November 27 for their video clip “Ukupacha” (Flor de Colores).

Source: Elcomercio

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