EntertainmentThylane Blondeau went through a nightmare for a year...

Thylane Blondeau went through a nightmare for a year after being operated on for an ovarian cyst


Model Thylane Blondeau went through a real ordeal for a year to be heard by the medical profession. First operated on for an ovarian cyst last year, her stomach aches continued, but all the doctors she saw for several months could not find the cause of her pain and ended up saying that it was ” in her head “.

“A year ago, I had emergency surgery for an ovarian cyst that had exploded in my stomach. Three months later, I started to have a stomach ache again and everyone (including me) thought it was because of the operation. This year I saw three different gynecologists, I saw more than four radio centers in Paris and they all told me the same thing, “Don’t worry you have nothing, it’s in your head “”, She revealed to her fans in the caption of a series of photos on Instagram, where we see her in her hospital room.

Except that the pains did not subside and she preferred to multiply the opinions of specialists, convinced that something was wrong.

It’s all arranged

The young 20-year-old woman therefore went to see yet another doctor, who detected the cause of her suffering. “I had an appointment with an amazing doctor (O. Kadoch) who saw first-hand that I had a 5.6 cm cyst affecting my ovary. So he sent me to do an MRI and an hour later, he called me to ask me to go directly to the hospital for an emergency operation “, added the one who had been elected” most beautiful little girl. of the world ”when she was only six years old.

Today, everything is better, but if Thylane Blondeau has decided to share her experience, it is to encourage her subscribers to insist with doctors if they feel that something is wrong. “I really thought I was crazy complaining about my stomach for so long. Happy to never have given up. This experience taught me that when your body hurts, don’t let things last and take care of it, ”Véronika Loubry’s daughter advised her fans.

At 10, she took glamorous photos in Vogue


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