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From fiction to real life: meet the 30 players of Once Machos FC, Aldo Miyashiro’s soccer team

The fun pichangas on weekends with friends and the desire to play as a kid on the slopes while still smiling, in 2017 motivated Aldo Miyashiro to create “Once Machos”, A box office Peruvian film that in its second installment paid tribute to the remembered sports journalist Daniel Peredo. “We did part two, perhaps as a tribute to our central midfielder, perhaps to stay alive, perhaps not to grow up,” says the host of “La banda del Chino”. And as moviegoers celebrated each fictional goal of the fun-loving soccer fan team that missed, the interest in creating a real team was taking shape.

Last weekend, Miyashiro Ribeiro officially presented Once Machos FC, a club that has as its foundation the box office films of the same name, the love of football and the solidarity of a group of friends.

“We always had the idea of ​​creating a soccer team that can perform in various places, that has its own resources, that can pay its expenses and help people. One of the main objectives of this year, in addition to giving financial back to the players, is to bring a lot of gifts at Christmas to low-income children …. Today the team of all bloods has returned to the courts. Today we have returned to be proud of our club, to help those who need us, to defend our shirt to the death ”, Miyashiro highlights.

Once Machos FC has 30 players among its ranks, including actors, TV presenters, ex-footballers, members of the production of “La banda del Chino” and friends of the figure of América TV. Yaco Eskenazi, Luis ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe, Óscar Del Portal, Víctor Hugo Dávila, Sebastián and Luigi Monteghirfo, André Silva, Pedro Sánchez, Martín Arredondo, Gilberto Nué, Andrés Salas, Nicolás Valdez, César Seijas and Junior Silva are among those summoned .

. Surely next year we will add some more members. At the moment, in terms of ex-footballers we only have Luis Guadalupe and Óscar del Portal, who before being a sports news presenter played professional soccer. Once Machos is a team so united, so cool, that it could easily be called Eleven amigos. Respect and solidarity prevail”Says the TV presenter.

During the official presentation, last Saturday, those led by Aldo Miyashiro had as opponents representatives of the La Victoria firefighters. The match ended 6-1, in favor of Eleven Machos.

We play every Saturday complying with the security protocols in force due to the pandemic, but we also meet on some Wednesdays, and we are preparing to travel to the interior of the country. Our main objective is to help many people with limited economic resources”, He clarifies.

Next year we are considering training more constantly to be able to reach a better level in the games, because the idea is to win“Miyashiro adds after clarifying that the team members undergo COVID-19 tests on a weekly basis.

In honor of Daniel Peredo

In February 2018, the death of sports journalist Daniel Peredo as a result of cardiac arrest, filled the Once Machos squad with pain. The departure of the team’s midfielder questioned the continuity of the box office film.

Our soul was broken when Daniel, our 6, left. Sadness threatened to destroy everything that was coming, so we made a black T-shirt that reflected a bit what we felt when he left us, but we couldn’t use it in the movie because of a theme. contract. We only used it in the first game we played after the recordings, also on the weekend at the official presentation of Once Machos FC.”, Clarifies Miyashiro.

Peredo was a key part of the success of the first installment of the Peruvian comedy and his participation in the second was already assured. “I had already talked to him, I remember that between jokes and seriously, he always told me that he wanted to play more, to appear more time in the field”, Narrates the figure of América TV,

The remembered journalist Daniel Peredo was a fundamental piece of "Once Machos".  It was the 6th, the beloved flyer.  (Photo: Giuliano Buiklece (USI)

Finally, Miyashiro highlights that this is only the first step of many that Once Machos FC hopes to take in favor of those most in need. The second will be to create soccer academies in risky parts of the city to motivate young lovers of the beautiful game to develop their passions.

We are not a team of great footballers, we are a team of friends with plans to do various crazy things, s”Miyashiro emphasizes.


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