50 Best: what are and how are the best Peruvian restaurants in Latin America?


Last Monday our country once again marked a milestone in the history of Latin American cuisine. The edition of the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021 cataloged Central from Virgilio Martinez and Pia Leon as the number one in the region. But this was not the only celebration Maido and Astrid and Gaston they celebrated second and fourth place, remaining in the top 5 of the 50 mentions in the ranking. What other Peruvian restaurants are on the tight list of the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021?

Meet everyone on this note:

Position 1: Central

Virgilio Martínez and Pía León

Central, number 1 in Latin America and number 4 in the world, develops an investigative cuisine of the environment, seasonality and ecosystems of Peru, with the help of the Mater Initiative team. Currently, this larger ship, founded in 2008, offers tasting menu options, such as the Territorio en Desnivel Experience (S / 470 per person) which consists of a journey through 11 ecosystems in our territory. Also, the Creativity of the Day Menu (S / 485 per person), deals with a new journey through 11 heights; Mater World Experience (S / 555 per person), explores 14 ecosystems of the Mater world; and the World Creativity Menu (S / 585 per person), a new journey through 14 heights. To accompany these experiences, Central offers pairings to make a trip much more interesting.

  • Address: Av. Pedro de Osma 301, Barranco
  • Reservations: 242-8515. Attention from Monday to Saturday from 12:45 to 2:30 pm and from 7 to 8:30 pm through www.centralrestaurante.com.pe

Position 2: Maido

Mitsuharu Tsumura

Maido Restaurant, is in position two.  Created by Mitsuharu “Micha” Tsumura, whose Japanese origins enrich Peruvian cuisine.  Calle San Martín 399, (Corner with Calle Colón) in Miraflores.  (Photo: Instagram @mitsuharu_maido)

The Peruvian food restaurant with Japanese techniques and supplies is number 2 in Latin America and 7 in the world. According to its website, Maido offers the Nikkei Experience at a price of S / 465 per person, with pairing S / 760 per person; and, the Veggie Experience at S / 350 per person.

  • Calle San Martín 399, Miraflores
  • According to availability from Monday to Saturday from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Reservations: www.maido.pe

Position 4: Astrid & Gastón

Gastón Acurio, Jorge Muñoz and Astrid Gutsche

Astrid and Gastón.  (Photo: El Comercio)

Astrid y Gastón, the restaurant that topped the first list of the 50 Best Latam in 2013, is now at number 40 of the 50 Best. We reviewed their menu online and found entries such as the Pekingese guinea pig of a lifetime (2 units), tiradito de tacneña blue clam or ajamonada and smoked picaña with pickles and tonato yolk sauce. As main dishes they offer a rice with seafood to the wok embrace between Callao and Genova, year 2007; also, grilled catch of the day with red honeyed rice from vóngoles and a yellow dry sauce; and Don Jaime’s Rice with Duck made in a frying pan with the thigh stewed in its sauce and creole radish and avocado, among other equally interesting dishes. In addition, it offers desserts such as the Andean cheese cake, Astrid’s alfajor or the tiramisu a la lucuma; and classic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Its tasting menu, called El Reencuentro, has 12 steps to celebrate the flavor and culinary memory of Peru.

  • Attention in the salon: Tuesday to Saturday from 1 pm to 9 pm Sunday (brunch) from 11 am to 4 pm
  • Delivery y take away: Martes a sábado 1 p.m. a 9 p.m. Domingo de 12 m. a 6 p.m.
  • Reservations or requests: (01) 4422777 or visit www.astridygaston.com

Position 13: The Sea

Juan Lopez

La Mar Restaurant (Photo: Sebastián Castañeda / GEC)

The classic and most tempting ceviches are found in La Mar, therefore, when visiting them you should not stop asking for the classic ceviche of the day’s catch, minced ceviche, black shell ceviche, Lima Seoul tuna, mixed or the Marcona sea urchin combination. . La Mar also has the traditional tiraditos, shells or oysters, rice, marinero spaghetti, clams or razor clams with chalaca al rocoto, the inevitable tiger milk and the seafood festival of the sea that has shells, oysters, clams, snails, prawns, black shells, sea urchins, crabs, seafood of the day and sauces. The variety of dishes is infinite, you just need to check the menu on its website and schedule your next visit.

  • Reservations at (01) 4213365. Attention from Monday to Thursday from 12 to 5 pm and from Friday to Sunday from 12 to 5.30 pm
  • Av. La Mar 770, Miraflores
  • Delivery: https://pedidos.lamarcebicheria.com/pedir

Position 17: Osso

Renzo Garibaldi

Renzo Garibaldi del Osso meat restaurant.  (Photo: Rolly Reyna / GEC)

As expected, meat reigns supreme in Osso. Among the main dishes of beef we find the wide steak, narrow steak, the strip roast, the rump tail or the fine entraña. The Osso Prime has a price of S / 400 per kilo and consists of one kilo two hundred of its best wide, matured and perfumed steak cooked for 5 hours at 55 degrees until it is pink inside. It is finished on the grill. Their pork dishes at Osso include BBQ Ribs, ribeye, pork belly, and shoulder chop. In addition, they have side dishes, snacks, salads and main dishes.

  • Premises: Calle Tahiti 175, La Molina, Av. Santo Toribio and Av. Central 172, San Isidro
  • Reservations: https://osso-sanisidro.meitre.com/
  • Sandwich delivery: https://api.whatsapp.com/message/RJO7YLZJ3AD3D1

Position 20: Rafael

Rafael Osterling and Rodrigo Alzamora

In Rafael you will find tapas such as Sichuan-style antural razor clams, shrimp croquettes, tuna bruschetta, popped eggs and flavored prawns. As entrances they offer melon and almond gazpacho, tuna tiradito and Galician octopus, among others. In turn, as main dishes are linguine with bull crab, green tagliatelles, roasted corn ravioli, the Indian catch of the day among others. Also ask about the menu from the bar.

  • Reservations: 966 409 797/242 4149 and https://rafael.meitre.com/
  • Address: San Martín 300, Miraflores

Position 24: Isolina

Jose del Castillo

Isolina Peruvian Tavern.  Address: av.  San Martín 101, Barranco.  (Photo: El Comercio Archive)

Isolina, José del Castillo’s tavern, has a menu full of home stews, chilcanos, cold beers, country ham and the flavors of the taverns of yesteryear. Among the dishes that are as promotion of the month are the silverside jelly (to share) at S / 42, it has crunchy silversides accompanied by Creole bush of yellow chili. The ribs a la chorrillana (to share) at S / 78, with the crispy skin and accompanied by a chorrillana onions. Also, Cau Cau with Sangrecita (to share) at S / 45, a classic that must be accompanied by rocoto. Ceviche with octopus chicharrón (to share) at S / 68, and a loin saltado at S / 58. They offer, in turn, sandwiches and heated as bread with silverside and suckling pig sausage or entrees of ceviche, stuffed potato, potatoes and Isolina corn or little blood with sweet potato, among an important variety of dishes and accompaniments.

  • Delivery: 943833031
  • Reservations and orders: https://isolina.mesa247.pe/

Position 39: Party

Hector Solis

In this restaurant you can experience the flavor of the Peruvian north: classic ceviche with catch of the day, chinguirito of guitar fish, Causa Acebichada with catch of the day, Causa Acebichada with fan shells and clams, tamale, wrapped hot ceviche, Chiclayan ceviche, sea ​​urchins, murike grouper tartare and a variety of croquettes, causa, omelettes are part of its immense menu. In addition, the main dishes are rice with duck, suckling kid, tenderloin blanket with tacu tacu, saltado fine loin, shrimp from tumbes, murike (the moche fish) and many more varieties with a northern flavor.

  • Delivery: 932483302
  • Address: Av. Reducto 1276, Miraflores and Av. Salaverry 1820, Chiclayo
  • Reservations and orders: https://www.restaurantfiestagourmet.com/

Position 46: The Picanteria

Hector Solis

Causas, cebiches, popeye crab, grilled octopus, spicy tortillas, jumbo lagostinos, cau cau, impressive Puerto Eten lobsters, chupe stuffed rocoto, stretcher, and powerful green beans, duck, ribs, sandwiches and house sweets such as Apple pie, ice cream popsicles bathed in 80% cocoa and typical drinks such as pisco sour, macerados, chilcanos, its Andean sangria and its mix of the best cholo.

  • Address: Francisco Moreno 388, corner with Gonzales Prada, Surquillo
  • Reservations: 953 489 892

Other Peruvians on the list from 51 to 100 were Kjolle (52), Mayta (56), Mil (61), Cosme (69), El Mercado (71), Mérito (78) and Costanera 700 (96).


Two Peruvian restaurants in Buenos Aires are also part of this selection:

Position 80: Osaka

Position 87: The Sea



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