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Jhay Cortez makes fun of Rauw Alejandro in his new song “Enterrauw” | VIDEO


Lima, December 30, 2021Updated 12/30/2021 06:58 pm

The confrontation between Jhay Cortez and Raw Alejandro. The singers continue to launch verbal attacks through their songs in the famous ‘tiraeras’.

It all started when Mia Khalifa’s partner alluded to the singer Rosalía in her song “Si Pepe Remix”. “Your Spanish wants me to speak to her in English”, is heard in part of the song.

Rauw Alejandro exploded and decided to respond to him through his Twitter account. “Women respect each other !!!!! Sucker”Wrote the Puerto Rican. “Let’s go over there”added.

The confrontation did not stop there, as the interpreter of “Todo de ti” released the song “Hunter”, where he responds to his compatriot after he made fun of his albums “Vice Versa” and “Aphrodisiac”.

“Aphrodisiac, Vice Versa are still on the charts / Your album was used as a frisbee, no one has heard it again”, Is heard in part of the song.

This week, Jhay Cortez released his song “Enterrauw”, where he launches several attacks against his colleague. “You say ‘respect women,’ but support ‘the abuser of Chris Brown, you bastard.”

The fans of both singers are on the lookout for any new material that both may release, be it in music, in social media stories or videos on YouTube.




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