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“Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts”: Emma Watson reveals that her kiss with Rupert Grint was the most complicated scene of the saga


Lima, January 1, 2022Updated on 01/01/2022 06:32 pm

It premiered “Harry Potter: Regreso a Hogwarts”And unpublished details of one of the most successful film sagas in history begin to be known, including the iconic kiss scene between Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

The actress, who played Hermione Granger, spoke about this romantic moment on the HBO Max special, which brought the cast together for the 20-year anniversary of the franchise’s first installment: “Harry Potter: The Philosopher’s Stone.”

Watson recalled that prior to this scene, the chemistry that existed between her and Rupert Grint was the closest thing to a family bond, so kissing him meant one of the most complicated challenges she had to meet.

The actress also said that when the day of filming arrived, she and her partner could not contain their laughter. The nervousness of ‘Ron’ was such that it was she who had to take the first step.

It was supposed to be a dramatic kiss, but you and I lost focus. We couldn’t stop laughing and I was very afraid that it would never work out because we couldn’t take it seriously. Kissing Rupert was one of the hardest things I had to do. “Emma recalled at the reunion.

The remembered Ron Wasley was aware that this romantic scene was one of the most anticipated by the public, however, he did not expect that it would also generate great expectations among the production team and the cast of the saga.

“EIt’s a relationship that they have repressed for so long. The public is dying to see that kiss”He recalled before admitting that he felt like he was going to faint when he saw his friend approaching him. “Every time you talk about this it sounds like it was a nightmare to you“Emma replied with a laugh.




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