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“Through My Window”: The First Movie Trailer Is Out And It’s Everything You Hoped For


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Lima, January 4, 2022Updated on 04/01/2022 11:15 am

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Netflix revealed the first official trailer of the long-awaited movie “Through my window”, His new production based on the first of the novels of the trilogy ‘Hermanos Hidalgo’ by the Venezuelan writer Ariana godoy, whose success among the adolescent public began on the Internet desktop publishing platform Wattpad in 2019, and then made the leap to bookstores.

Through my window, follows the story of Raquel, a young woman who lives madly in love with Ares, her attractive and mysterious neighbor. Her obsession with him is so great that she secretly watches him from her window, knows all his steps and, despite not having interacted with him, she is willing to do everything possible to make him fall in love with her too.

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The story takes an unexpected turn when Ares begins to collide in the same places as Raquel, exposing a girl who is not as innocent as she seemed.

The adaptation directed by Marçal Fores, is starring Clara Galle in the role of Raquel and Julio Peña Fernandez as Ares, and will hit the screens of Netflix next February 4, 2022.

The film is one of the most anticipated in recent months, and an example of this is the great expectation it generates on social networks.

A mass phenomenon

The novel of Ariana godoy It was launched in 2019 through Wattpad, a platform on which amateur readers and authors post their works, and it has been a true phenomenon ever since. So far, the book has about 264 million readings. The success was so great that in 2021 the physical publication reached Spanish bookstores thanks to the Alfaguara publishing house.

The movie stars Clara Galle in the role of Raquel and Julio Peña Fernandez like Ares. They are accompanied by Eric Masip and Hugo Arbues, who will play the Hidalgo brothers. The cast also includes Guillermo Lasheras and Natalia Azahara, who play Yoshi and Daniela, Raquel’s best friends.

Promotional photo showing part of the cast of "Through my window".  Photo: Netflix





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