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Omar Sy calls for the release of Olivier Dubois, French journalist detained in the Sahel by a jihadist group

Like almost 25,000 people (at the time of this writing), Omar Sy has decided to commit to the release of journalist Olivier Dubois, detained in the Sahel since last April. The man, collaborator of Point and of Release, was kidnapped by the jihadist group Jama’at Nasr Al-Islam wal Muslimin, while he was about to conduct an interview. Since then, his family believes that France and Mali are not doing everything possible to save him and has launched a petition.

“I signed the petition for the release of Olivier Dubois, French journalist. Olivier is a 47 year old son, brother, friend and father. He is the ONLY French hostage in the world, since 8/4/21. The situation is URGENT. Thank you for him ”, posted Omar Sy on his account Twitter, by relaying the link to the petition hosted on

No evolution

It must be said that the situation has been slipping for several months. As the relatives of Olivier Dubois explain on the site, they feel abandoned by the government.

“We, his family, have only been received once by the Crisis Staff / CDCS, our registered letters and multiple requests to meet with Mr. Jean Yves Le Drian remain unanswered, and this since April 2021. End December 2021, for the first time the Presidency finally answered us, through its Chief of Staff, that “the State services are paying the greatest attention to the evolution of Olivier’s situation (…) “An unsatisfactory response devoid of any empathy and eluding any possible actions taken”, they explain in the petition.

For its part, the drafting of Release had also split a
video at the end of last week, calling on the mobilization not to “weaken”.


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