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The Weeknd faces his demons in the video for “Gasoline”


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Lima, January 12, 2022Updated on 01/12/2022 11:20 pm

The Weeknd He released on Tuesday the disturbing video clip for “Gasoline”, one of the songs included in his most recent album, “Dawn FM”, which was released last Friday and represents a metaphorical wait in purgatory awaiting the heavenly call.

This video in particular is a production directed by Matilda Finn that takes over from the story that began with her first single, “Take My Breath”, released in August, and presents the Canadian musician characterized as an old man who, after his death, faces to his demons.

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The Weeknd is literally beaten up by a younger version of himself in the middle of a riotous party of unbridled dance and desire, amid gloomy lights that show the worst faces of its participants, turned into beasts.

As he explained in an interview, the entire album of “Dawn FM” was conceived as if the passage through purgatory were a traffic jam enlivened by a station, which gives the album its name, in which the deceased is helped to make an examination of conscience in its transit “towards the light.”

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In a new twist on the usual rhythms of record marketing, the video for “Gasoline” was released after the release of the artist’s fifth studio album, which in turn was produced just after the intense campaign of Christmas sales and after a brief previous announcement in their networks a few days before.

The prestigious hip hop icons Tyler The Creator and Lil Wayne have collaborated in it, as well as Oneohtrix Point Never, co-producer and composer with The Weeknd of many of the songs, as well as actor Jim Carrey, who acts as the announcer of the fictitious station.

Also in the repertoire is veteran Quincy Jones, producer of Michael Jackson’s most iconic albums: “Off The Wall”, “Thriller” and “Bad”, whose imprint is vividly felt in these songs that also embrace the danceable electronics of figures like Calvin Harris.

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