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Kendji Girac is preparing for his first role in a TV movie broadcast on TF1


Kendji Girac will tame a new scene. The singer has in fact signed with TF1 to shoot in Champion, a movie directed by Mona Achache (Gazelles, Bankable). The artist will therefore pass in front of the camera. He will play Zack, a carpenter (and boxing fan) who specializes in building huts. But the man has a secret: he has suffered from illiteracy since his parents took him out of school so that he could learn his trade as soon as possible.

A story that resonates especially for the singer, as he explained to Parisian. “I went to school, I was even a good student, but with traveling, I never spent 10 months in the year at school. When I was younger I could read of course, but not fast enough to follow the lyrics on the telepromputers to the beat of the music when I was singing on TV shows. “


Kendji Girac has since been passionate about this cause, which is more than ever part of our daily life: according to the ANLCI, illiteracy affects around 2.5 million people in France. In France, 15% of people aged 18 to 65 have difficulty reading. A problem all the more serious as it makes it difficult for all of these people to use digital tools, which have become increasingly important on a daily basis since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

So the singer wants to go further in his commitment and support an association that is fighting to reduce the inequalities created by illiteracy. The interpreter of Gypsy does not specify which one, but he seems motivated.


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