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“Secreto Matusita”: paranormal phenomenon experienced during filming, trained insects and more secrets of the film


On Matusita house, a house located between the intersection of Garcilaso de la Vega and España avenues, in the center of Lima, countless stories of mystery and terror have been woven, such as the one that filmmaker Dorian brought to the big screen on September 18, 2014 Fernandez-Moris. After an auspicious premiere in Peruvian theaters, “Secreto Matusita” toured platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, DirecTV and Movistar Play. And this January 21 will hit the Japanese commercial billboard. “That one of our films can represent Latin American horror in an Asian country, a leader in producing horror films, is a true feat”, emphasizes the director.

So, we investigated, we accessed the strongest theories of the place. We were passionate about everything that was said about this and we did not stop until it was taken to the cinema”, he points out.

The story starring the actors Bruno Espejo, Eduardo Ramos, Lupita Mora and Willy Gutiérrez revolves around the disappearance of a young woman during the recording of a program on natural phenomena in the well-known house in Lima.

During the information gathering process, the story of TV presenter Humberto Vílchez Vera, who supposedly decided to spend a night in the mysterious house, strongly caught the attention of the Peruvian filmmaker.

When, together with the scriptwriters Paco Bardales and Úrsula Vilca, we began to dig deeper, we were able to find extremely valuable elements, many of them came from the television media. There was plenty of material. It was said about that driver that after having entered the house he had gone crazy, that he no longer did television…”, details the Peruvian filmmaker.

He also said that the production of “Secreto Matusita” tried to contact the relatives of Vílchez Vera, but they were reluctant to talk about it. The same thing happened with the owners of the mysterious house related to spectral apparitions.

We tried to contact the relatives of this man, but we received a lot of rejection, nobody wanted to bring it up again. And the owners of the house were also hermetic. They were interested in selling the property and considered that feeding a little mythology was detrimental to their plans. We understood perfectly. In fact, there were mysteries that had not yet been revealed”, warns Dorian.

Replica of the Matusita house.  (Photo: Dorián Fernández-Moris)

remarkable challenge

Not having the authorization of the owners to make the recordings inside the building, the production made a replica of a small part of the second floor. To do this, they rented a house located in the Jirón Carabaya, in the Cercado de Lima.

“It was quite a challenge. Since we couldn’t reach an agreement with the owners, we had to change our production design and get a house with architectural similarities to the Matusita house. We found it in Carabaya and based on the photo and video files we had, we recreated the property as accurately as possible”, says the director.

“Everything that is exterior was recorded in the original house, the rest of the shots were done in the replica”, emphasizes.

Replica of the Matusita house.  (Photo: Dorián Fernández-Moris)


As often happens in the shooting of horror movies, where reality is often mixed with suggestion, the actress Lupita Mora would have experienced a paranormal phenomenon.

One of the protagonists of the story began to follow someone supposedly from production from the back of Matusita’s replica house, to the place where makeup and production were, but during this transfer she got distracted and when she looked up she was in an environment dark and this person had disappeared. We looked for him, but we didn’t find him, we never knew who Lupita followedDorian explains.

The make-up was another great production challenge, as well as the special effects and mechanics that were used to levitate objects and people.

“TWe had to hire a professional Dominican makeup expert so that, together with her work team, she would be in charge of characterizing the witches of the colonial era and the ghosts, in addition to making the lacerations that some characters showed”, highlights the Peruvian filmmaker.

Director Dorian Fernández-Noris with one of the film's witches.  (Photo: Dorian Fernández-Moris)

There is a scene that I like, which was worked with great care to make it look great. When the boy who had the camera is thrown through the air into the walls and then to the floor, where he is finally dragged. It is a super ambitious choreography that we dared to do and it turned out great”, assures Fernández-Moris.

. The same thing happened with buzzards. They had a choreography to fly from point A to point B”He remarks.

In its opening week, “Secret Matusita” brought 163,000 people to theaters in Peru, beating international blockbusters such as “The Conjuring”, the “Paranormal Activity” saga and many other cult films such as “Terror on Silent Hill” and “Friday the 13th”. And this January 21,.

Willy Gutiérrez as the seer Óscar.  (Photo: Dorian Fernández-Moris)




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