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Chinese Horoscope 2022: meet the three most patient, loyal and optimistic signs


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Lima, January 19, 2022Updated on 01/19/2022 03:10 pm

The Chinese horoscope it allows us to find out what lies ahead for us in the future through the date of birth. Eastern astrology makes punctual emphasis on spirituality which integrates the characteristics of the individual’s character.

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On February 1, the Chinese New Year, the eastern horoscope with the year of the tiger. Do not forget that this tradition is based on 12 temperaments in which they are symbolized by 12 different animals and, as in Western astrology, each zodiac sign is characterized by the person’s personality, whether good or bad.

Remember that Eastern astrology is based on constellations, while Western astrology uses the reference of the solar system. That is why the position of the sun with respect to the constellations is what provides a precise idea about how certain things are related in a universal way.

The 3 most sociable and charming signs of the zodiac


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It is located in the eleventh position in the eastern zodiac, it is usually loyal, altruistic and worthy of trust. He shows his loyalty to the people he loves, but he is very cruel to his enemies. He is a great friend, so he has many friends with whom he has lasted a long time.

He is not materialistic or egotistical, his personality is pleasant and attractive, so he transmits confidence. His dark side betrays him as a reserved and paranoid character, so he can be possessive. Its negative energy transmits anxiety, depression and pessimism.


It is the sixth sign of the zodiac, it is characterized by being patient, passive-aggressive and conservative, it is usually very wise and intelligent. It reflects mystery and prefers that its routine takes place in a stable environment. He likes to create concepts based on his own opinion.

He usually hides his feelings and his dark side is reflected with reserve, he can become jealous, possessive and very protective of his things, which leads him to be dishonest, vindictive and stubborn.


The seventh sign of the zodiac is characterized by being a born leader, sociable, optimistic and energetic. He always gets what he sets out to do and draws a lot of attention. His spirit is attractive, creative and has a great gift in art.

He is honorable and intolerable with injustice, outgoing and energetic and very loyal to the people he loves. His intelligence leads him to always be alert and perceptive of his surroundings. His dark side is characterized by being selfish, narcissistic and aggressive.



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