World Exceptional birth of a baby orangutan at the Pairi...

Exceptional birth of a baby orangutan at the Pairi Daiza zoo


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Birth of a baby orangutan in Belgium – 20 Minutes

Welcome Mathaï. Despite everything, there will still have been some good news in 2020. The non-re-election of Donald Trump first and, more recently, the announcement of the birth of a baby orangutan in Pairi Daiza, Belgium. The animal, which belongs to a species in danger of extinction, was named Mathaï by its caretakers.

It is Sari, one of the female orangutans from the Belgian zoological park, who is at the origin of this happy event. Her little one was born on November 28 and “is doing like a charm”, ensures the management of the park. He was conceived naturally and his mother gave birth on her own without any problem.

A species in “critical danger of extinction”

The orangutan weighs 1.5 kg, “he drinks well, opens his eyes regularly and above all stays well attached to his mother,” says the zoo. A very comfortable position that he should keep for “about two years”. The 17-year-old mother had already had a baby, now 4 years old.

Little Mathaï was born on November 28 in Pairi Daiza
Little Mathaï was born on November 28 in Pairi Daiza – Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza’s six orangutans belong to a species native to Sumatra, an island in Indonesia. In their natural environment, only 14,000 individuals survive. A paltry number which classifies the Sumatran orangutan among the critically endangered species according to the International union for conservation of nature (IUCN). Not surprisingly, the cause is none other than human activity. In addition to poaching, the natural habitat of these mammals is also gradually destroyed to be replaced by oil palm plantations.



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