Economy Five new features on the 2020 tax return

Five new features on the 2020 tax return


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An income declaration campaign marked by the Covid-19 – R.Bloch/Sipa

After a year 2020 upset by the Covid-19 pandemic, the declaration of income for the past year is accompanied by several new features. Here is the main information to remember for the opening of the campaign.

Automatic declaration opening

The automatic declaration device is expected to benefit more households this year. Launched in 2020, it had already enabled more than 12 million households to benefit from it. In addition to these, there are those who reported for 2020 a birth, an adoption, the collection of a child of full age or the receipt of alimony. According to Bercy, 245,000 households will be affected this year. If you are eligible, you will still need to check if the pre-filled information is complete.

Bonuses and tax-exempt overtime

The “Macron bonus”, a bonus to boost the purchasing power of the French, paid in 2020 to employees who have received remuneration less than three times the minimum wage over the previous twelve months, is not taxable within the limit of 1,000 euros. . It is nevertheless exempt up to 2,000 euros when it is paid by an employer setting up a profit-sharing agreement. As for the Covid premium, paid exceptionally in 2020 to public officials and employees in the health sector, it is exempt up to 1,500 euros.

Compensation received for overtime is also exempt from tax up to the annual limit of 5,000 euros. A limit raised to 7,500 euros if some were carried out between March 16 and July 10, 2020, a period of health emergency.

Tax-exempt teleworking costs

Health crisis requires, teleworking became widespread during the year 2020, sometimes with its share of additional costs for employees who had to work from home. The allowances paid by the employer for teleworking at home in 2020 are exempt from income tax, up to a limit of 550 euros for the year. Another option is possible for employees, the deduction of real professional expenses. If this suits you better, it is possible to deduct the exact amount of your expenses, under cover of course of having kept supporting documents.

Collaborative platforms: pre-filled income

Vinted, Airbnb, Le Bon Coin, GetAround… These collaborative economy sites were already obligated last year to transmit to the tax authorities the amount of income resulting from them. Because some did not comply, the rules are now stricter. This year, the platforms communicate to the administration the income of their users, which will therefore be pre-filled on the declaration. The site concerned will then guide the user on the taxable amount and how to declare it.

Apprentices and students: everything to declare

Until now, only those who exceeded the exemption thresholds had to declare their income. Even if the salaries paid to apprentices remain exempt up to an annual minimum wage (i.e. 18,655 euros), from now on, the income of apprentices and students must be fully disclosed. For the salaries of students under 26, the exemption limit is set at three monthly minimum wage (4,664 euros).



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