World Five wounded, including one by gunshot, during pro-Trump protests

Five wounded, including one by gunshot, during pro-Trump protests


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During the pro-Trump demonstration in Washington on Saturday, December 12. – Graeme Sloan / Sipa USA / SIPA

Five people were injured in the United States, including four seriously with knives and one by bullet, during demonstrations Saturday to demand “four more years” of presidency Trump and to denounce again, without proof, “massive fraud” in the presidential election more than a month after the election of Joe Biden. Clashes broke out in several places between demonstrators and counter-demonstrators. On Saturday evening, Washington State Police (Northwest) tweeted an arrest after a shooting following clashes near the Capitol building in Olympia.

In the US capital, four people were stabbed and hospitalized “with serious injuries,” said Doug Buchanan, communications manager for the Washington DC fire department and emergency services. According to the daily The New York Times, 23 people were arrested during the day on Saturday. No other information was available on the injured.

Less crowded than a month ago

The day started in a festive atmosphere with several thousand red “Make America Great Again” caps assembled on Freedom Plaza, not far from the White House. A large crowd but in decline compared to the 10,000 demonstrators supporting Donald Trump a month ago. Despite a final scathing setback the day before at the Supreme Court, supporters of the outgoing president remain fiercely convinced of his victory on November 3. Similar gatherings were held in Olympia, Atlanta, Saint Paul (Minnesota) and in smaller towns including Nebraska and Alabama.

In Washington, a few clashes between pro and anti-Trump from the start of the day that the police tried to separate. Pro-Trump protesters list their reasons for believing the election was “stolen” from them. For lack of tangible evidence to support the accusations of “massive fraud”, the fifty or so complaints filed by Donald Trump’s allies across the United States have all – with one exception – been dismissed by the courts or dropped.

All states have certified their results

All states have formally certified their results, giving the victory to Joe Biden, and the voters must register their vote Monday to validate it. The president himself still refuses to concede defeat. “Wow! Thousands of people are gathering in Washington to prevent the election from being stolen from us, ”Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday before his helicopter flew over the crowd singing the American anthem.

Among the processions, the far-right “Proud Boys” militia, recognizable by the yellow and black outfits and bulletproof vests of its members, is regularly acclaimed by the crowd. “The Nazis out! “: A few streets away, activists of the Black Lives Matter movement (” black lives matter “) curse the pro-Trump. Counter-demonstrations, much more modest, are taking place in the capital, in particular on Black Lives Matter Plaza, the street overlooking the White House, towards which thousands of people had converged to celebrate the victory of Joe Biden in early November.



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