Economy Four tips for living well with your move

Four tips for living well with your move


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Change of schedule, long and meticulous management of administrative details… Moving into a new home is the source of profound emotional upheaval. Whether in another region, a distant city or in the neighboring street, this change of scenery amounts to breaking with a way of life, habits and a familiar environment.

If it can correspond to a desire to turn a page of existence, it is also sometimes associated with a fear of not finding what we have lost. To avoid experiencing your move as a chore, it is necessary to know how to stay the course.

Leave the past behind

To “accept” the change of situation more calmly – including when it was desired – and to enjoy this new life, it is important to mourn your home, your neighborhood but also the people who have surrounded you. and sometimes sustained over the years.

Too many people who move tend to focus on the material aspect for fear of feeling too much pain during the separation. So do not hesitate to take a last tour in the building or residence, to exchange a few words with the traders and to say goodbye to your neighbors.

Adapting to your new home

Moving is also about cleaning up your business and your life. When we pack our boxes, it is not just objects that we sort. Trinkets, photo albums, clothes… Some memories come to the surface and others fade away. Some people also take advantage of the move to throw away some bulky items, take what is essential with them, and part with what they think is more accessory.

To adapt as best as possible to a new home, two possibilities: if you are worried about being too out of place, you can try to give the new rooms the same configuration as in your old home; if you want to make a fresh start, completely change the decoration and the arrangement of your furniture, as if to carry out an exterior and interior remodeling.

Support the children

Leaving a school, teachers, classmates … As with adults, some children and adolescents may feel unsettled at the idea of ​​moving or, on the contrary, experience this departure as an exciting new adventure. The best is to accompany them in this ordeal, by taking them to see the new accommodation, to locate the shops, the school, the gymnasium, the cinema… In short, all the essential places that allow everyone to find their feet.

Establish good relations with the neighborhood

Another difficulty once the move is over: integrating into the neighborhood. Perhaps you already regret the retired couple on the 2nd floor, always ready to help you, or the two roommates who invited you for an aperitif. Whatever, the main thing is to make new acquaintances, which will undoubtedly be just as enjoyable.

After you have settled in peacefully, you can go and meet your neighbors by showing up at their door or even by organizing an aperitif at home. Most people appreciate this kind of attention. More confident and better informed about the operation of the condominium and the general atmosphere that reigns there, the transition from your old life to the new will be even easier.



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