World Foxes killed with crossbows in city center, Scotland Yard...

Foxes killed with crossbows in city center, Scotland Yard investigates


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Foxes are multiplying in the English capital. – Pixabay

Scotland Yard has opened an investigation after foxes were killed with crossbows in London. An association for the protection of these animals promised a reward of 2,000 pounds sterling to anyone who had information allowing the culprit to be convicted. The London Police Wildlife Crime Unit, responsible for attacks on wildlife, launched a call for witnesses on Monday, November 9. They had just learned that three foxes, which abound in the British capital and feed in particular in the garbage cans, had been the victims of shootings in the district of Greenwich.

One of them was found with an arrow in his back on November 5, police said in a statement. Despite the intervention of volunteers from the Fox Project association, who took care of the animal in their premises in Kent (south of England), it did not survive. Another fox was found dead in the same neighborhood, and a third was seen with an arrow in his body.

A prize of 2,000 pounds

“It is absolutely shocking that two animals have died under such horrific circumstances,” said Conchi Gago of the London Police Specialized Unit. “Obviously whoever did this did it on purpose,” she continued, deeming “worrying to conceive of someone wanting to hurt and kill a wild animal.”

The Fox Project association, which treats 1,000 foxes each year, will pay 2,000 pounds (2,220 euros) for any information which “would lead to the conviction of the person responsible”, specifies the police statement. For its founder Trevor Williams, this is a “truly shocking” affair, and it is difficult to understand that a “minority of people in our society are capable of such extreme cruelty to animals.”



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