World "Fraud", "Deep state" and "Fake News" ... Donald Trump...

“Fraud”, “Deep state” and “Fake News” … Donald Trump supporters do not surrender


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Donald Trump supporters in Yorba Linda, Calif., November 15, 2020. – P.BERRY/20 MINUTES

  • Donald Trump has still not acknowledged his defeat in the presidential election.
  • This weekend, tens of thousands of supporters of the American president demonstrated in the United States.
  • 20 Minutes met them in Yorba Linda, California.

From our correspondent in the United States,

At the intersection which they have renamed the “crossroads of patriots”, they refuse to capitulate. While Donald Trump has still not acknowledged his defeat, twelve days after the presidential election, tens of thousands of supporters of the American president demonstrated in many American cities this weekend. On Sunday, a hundred supporters gathered in Yorba Linda, in Orange County, the Californian stronghold of Richard Nixon, as part of the “Stop the steal” mobilization. Like Donald Trump, they denounce a “robbery of the Democrats”, the “lies of the Fake News” and the “complicity of the Deep State”.

Since the announcement of Joe Biden’s victory, the restaurant Mimi’s Cafe, a stone’s throw from Richard Nixon’s presidential library, has become the headquarters of the “Trumpists” in a city that overwhelmingly voted for him. With his “Make America Great Again” cap and his “2nd Amendment: Liberty or Death” t-shirt, Ian gives voice to the megaphone. “I am here to support our president and denounce the fraud of the Democrats who are in the process of stealing the election from us,” he explains. The 50-year-old takes up the presidential “talking points”. According to him, “dead people or with a false address have voted en masse”, and he assures that Dominion Voting Systems’ software, which equips voting machines in 28 states, has modified “millions” of results in favor of Joe Biden.

Trump, alone against all

Its certainties collide with reality. Without credible proof, Donald Trump’s lawyers suffered around 20 defeats for a single victory in court. The cybersecurity agency, which depends on the Department of Homeland Security, has denied all fraud and assured that no vote was changed. The discussion livens up and Michael joins the conversation. For this delivery man, the explanation is simple: “There is a deep state complicity which has never accepted the legitimacy of our president. He is alone in the face of Fake News lies and Facebook censorship ”.

Jessie is busy with her brother at their merchandise stand: $ 20 for the flag, $ 30 for the “Keep America Great” cap. He categorically rejects that Joe Biden could have obtained a record number of votes after “hiding in his cellar”. “He made speeches in front of less than 20 people and they want us to believe that he obtained 78 million votes? Come on ! The seller hopes Supreme Court intervention in Pennsylvania, and recounts in Georgia and Wisconsin can overturn the election, but he is “pessimistic.” Despite their anger and their doubts, Jessie, Michael and Ian are nevertheless adamant: if Donald Trump recognizes his defeat, they will accept the legitimacy of Joe Biden as president. “This is more than what the Democrats did for four years with the presidency of Donald Trump,” Ian quips.

“I don’t know what to believe anymore”

American flags and “Trump-Pence 2020” flutter under the blue sky, and a car honks its horn as protesters shout. Owner of a hairdressing salon “brought to its knees by the confinement of Governor Newsom”, Wendy has “no confidence” in the official results. “I know my vote hasn’t been counted yet. How many more have been forgotten in Georgia or Arizona? She asks. Before recognizing that in California, it usually takes several weeks to count the postal vote, with a late validation of the results on December 11.

Nicole and Wendy came to support Donald Trump on November 15, 2020 in Yorba Linda, California.
Nicole and Wendy came to support Donald Trump on November 15, 2020 in Yorba Linda, California. – P.BERRY / 20 MINUTES

For many demonstrators, it is Joe Biden’s comeback that does not pass. “On election night, I went to bed, and Donald Trump had over 100,000 votes ahead in Wisconsin and Michigan. When I got up, Joe Biden was as if by magic passed in front of, ”the hairdresser is angry. The explanation is simple: the Midwestern states first counted the ballots cast in person in the voting booth on November 3, which were overwhelmingly pro-Trump, before counting the postal vote, which Joe Biden won with 60 or 70% in cities like Milwaukee or Detroit. Wendy patiently listens to these explanations and sighs, “I read so much online. I don’t know what to believe anymore. Donald Trump’s undermining has paid off.



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