WorldFree-roaming tiger found in Texas after week of searches

Free-roaming tiger found in Texas after week of searches


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Illustrative image of a tiger. – Slavek Ruta / REX / SIPA

A tiger that had roamed the streets of Houston, Texas (United States) last week, terrifying residents, was found healthy on Saturday, local police said. The nine-month-old Bengal tiger, nicknamed “India”, was recovered from the wife of its owner, a 26-year-old young man who was seen taking him away in his car.

The feline in freedom, with a collar, was seen on May 9 wandering the streets of a residential area of ​​the city, filmed by some neighbors amazed to see a tiger in their garden. The animal was recovered by the owner’s wife, who agreed to return it to the police, a Houston police official said at a press conference on Saturday evening. He did not specify where the feline had lived since his disappearance, stressing that the wife “constantly knew where the tiger was”.

Many tigers in captivity

India, who is “in very good health”, was to be transferred this Sunday to an animal shelter near Dallas, said the police officer. He recalled that it was illegal to own a tiger in Houston, unlike some of the counties around it. “This animal was only nine months old and already weighed 80 kg, as an adult it can weigh up to 270 kg, it still has its claws and can do a lot of damage,” he explained.

Texas is known to have a large number of captive tigers. State law allows you to own them, as long as you register and make sure the animal is locked up. In 2014, WWF estimated that nearly 5,000 tigers lived in captivity in the United States, a number higher than the world’s wild tiger population.



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