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From maternity leave to returning to work, four tips for young mothers


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Guilt and stress don’t have to make your return to work a nightmare. – IStock / Citypresse

Only two and a half months after birth, you have to entrust your baby to a nanny to resume work. A delicate step that many mothers dread. Here are four tips for making the transition as successful as possible.

Anticipate so as not to stress

Sixteen weeks of maternity leave, or even twenty-six when you already have two dependent children, it goes very quickly. There is a great temptation to cut yourself off completely from your professional life to focus every moment on your child. Yet this is the best way to be lost when returning to the office.

It is better to anticipate the situation by proceeding in stages during your leave. Keep in touch with your colleagues, enjoy a few lunches to learn about the latest changes and gossip, and don’t hesitate to read the trade press in your field of activity to stay up to date.

Organization above all

What better way to get back to work with confidence than to have prepared the ground beforehand? Before going on maternity leave, put your things in order, carefully write down all the passwords and accesses you use on a daily basis and make reminders for the usual procedures which will no longer necessarily be a reflex.

As you go back to school, practice some automatism with your other half, so as not to find yourself overwhelmed. It could be to prepare your child’s outfit the day before with yours, to test the journey time and the distribution of tasks and, why not, to prepare the weekends for the week’s menus, in order to save money. time.

In contact with others

Rather than building a hyper-protective bubble around your child, take advantage of these moments with him to facilitate his contacts. Likewise, the last week of maternity leave is an opportunity to get your baby used to his nanny or nursery, by having him first babysit one hour a day, then several, until gradually reaching the whole day.

To help him tame his new environment, take him around as well, showing him that he has his toys and telling him how his future days will unfold. Despite a few tears, he quickly picks up the pace.

Guilt in the closet

Young mothers often feel guilty about leaving their child in the care of another to return to work, and being happy with this return to work. Ruminating on this situation can only make you miserable and irascible. It is therefore essential to remember that between 3 and 6 months, a baby does not really realize what is going on, thus facilitating the separation.

On the other hand, a child always perceives the discomfort of his mother. Rather than pass it on to him, assume this situation, be positive and ensure that the time spent together is as qualitative as possible.



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