WorldGermany says ready to use Russian vaccine if approved

Germany says ready to use Russian vaccine if approved


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A vaccination with Sputnik V in Palestine. – Khalil Hamra / AP / SIPA

Germany reaffirmed on Friday that it was ready, if authorized, to use the Russian anti-Covid vaccine Sputnik V, accused by France of being used as a tool of “propaganda” by Moscow in the world.

“An approval by the EMA (the European Medicines Agency, editor’s note) – which has not yet taken place – would give Europe the possibility of using Sputnik in vaccination campaigns, which would also be considered for Germany, ”said German government spokesman Steffen Seibert.

“Every vaccine is welcome”

“Every vaccine is welcome,” added the spokesperson for the German Ministry of Health, Stephan Gabriel Haufe. The spokesman for the German government did not want to comment on the accusations of the head of French diplomacy.

“The way it is managed, it is more a means of propaganda and aggressive diplomacy than a means of solidarity and health aid,” Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Friday. He accused Moscow but also Beijing of waging a war of influence around the vaccine to turn it into a geopolitical weapon. “China and Russia are pursuing a policy of influencing vaccine even before vaccinating their own population”, he thus launched the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The reliability of Sputnik V validated by “The Lancet”

For several weeks, Berlin has claimed to be ready to use this vaccine if it were to be authorized by the European regulatory body. And all the more so as the vaccination campaign is widely criticized in the country for its slowness.

Initially greeted with skepticism abroad when announced in the summer, Sputnik V saw its reliability validated in February by the scientific journal. The Lancet. An application for approval is currently being examined by the European Medicines Agency.



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