Economy Green hydrogen and wind as energy sectors of the...

Green hydrogen and wind as energy sectors of the future with an eye on decarbonization


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Projects focused on renewable energy accumulate 415.6 million of the total expected to be received from Next Generation funds, with the Basque hydrogen corridor as one of the most important

Projects focused on renewable energies accumulate 415.6 million of the total of 5,703 million euros that the Basque Country expects to receive from Next Generation funds, with a view to achieving the decarbonisation of energy within the European objective of combating climate change.

Among these projects, those related to the green hydrogen and wind energy.

He Vasco hydrogen corridor It is one of the most important, which aims to obtain 220.5 million euros from European funds out of a total investment of 1,144 million euros.

The Basque Hydrogen Corridor-BH2C intends, on the one hand, to advance in decarbonization and, on the other hand, to develop technological-industrial capabilities throughout the entire hydrogen energy vector value chain.

This Basque Hydrogen Corridor is articulated around seven fields of action: Hydrogen Production, Synthetic Fuel Production (e-fuel), Mobility, Industry Decarbonization, Urban / Residential Use, Infrastructure, and Development industrial technology.

The Government qualifies this project as “key for a sustainable development of the territory“and it is one in which there is extensive public-private collaboration.

The public participation includes the three Basque councils, the Port of Bilbao, the Bilbao City Council, the EVE, the Technology Parks, the University of the Basque Country, Mubil, Lurralde Bus, Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon , and the National Hydrogen Center.

Regarding private companies, Petronor, Repsol, Nortegas, Enagas, Aramco, Irizar, Sener, Calvera, Cluster Energia, the Basque Maritime Forum, Ingeteam, Oliver Design, Murueta, Wartsila, Talgo, Cie Automotive, Solaris, H2site, CAF participate Power & Automation, Idom, Tecnalia, Cidetec and Tekniker.

Also related to hydrogen is the Iberlyzer project, aimed at “developing, industrializing and supplying electrolysis plants for the generation of hydrogen”.

The Basque Government considers that it is “a market with great potential” for which the Basque Country has a technological and industrial fabric that allows the development of this initiative.

The project includes the construction of an electrolyzer manufacturing plant with automated assembly lines to achieve competitive costs that make it possible to replace gray hydrogen with green hydrogen and decarbonize the industry and contribute to a society free of carbon emissions.

In the year 2025, when the factory is fully operational, it expects a capacity of around 500MW / year.

The investments planned in the project are the development of the manufacturing plant and the validation laboratory, as well as the development of technological know-how. The Basque Government will promote this initiative, which will have as participating partners the companies Iberdrola and Ingeteam. It expects to receive from Europe 20 million for its financing.

It also presents Europe for the transformation of urban waste to produce hydrogen into lava and also the obtaining of green hydrogen through solid urban waste biogas for use in public transport in Gipuzkoa.

Regarding wind energy, there is on the one hand the project to create the Industrial and Technological Hub of Floating Wind, to “promote the role of Euskadi as the axis of technological and industrial development of floating wind energy in southern Europe” and on the other, the promotion of wind farms promoted by Aixeindar– a company owned by the EVE and Iberdrola – which will build 5 wind farms in the Basque Country.

On the other hand, a offshore infrastructure for the testing and technological development of renewable energies and hydrogen with the aim of setting up an offshore laboratory where companies can test and demonstrate their products and services related to offshore renewables (for both electricity and hydrogen generation).

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