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Has the “New York Times” ranked Chinese vaccines as the safest? False


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A health worker injects a Covid-19 vaccine on January 28 at the Rongan County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Liuzhou, southern China. – Tan Kaixing / Costfoto/Sipa USA/SIPA

  • The New York Times on Wednesday denied the veracity of a message circulating on Whatsapp and Facebook.
  • This message attributes to the American daily a list classifying the vaccines against the Covid-19 according to their safety.
  • While these Chinese vaccines are used in some countries, they have not yet received marketing authorization in the European Union.

A “misleading and false” message. The New York Times
alerted Wednesday on a poison circulating on Whatsapp and Facebook.

The author of the message says that the prestigious American daily has ranked four Chinese vaccines at the top of the safest Covid-19 vaccines, ahead of those developed by Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer and Moderna. The false classification, written in broken English, places two vaccines designed by Sinopharm in the lead. Next came vaccines from Kexing, a company also known as Sinovac, and CanSino Biologics. A Russian vaccine closes the list.

The New York Times did not publish this list.
The New York Times did not publish this list. – Facebook screenshot

The false message states that “China has exported more than 500 million doses of vaccines to more than 50 countries.”


The team in charge of New York Times has denied the content of this message. The newspaper “has not published this list, our articles have not suggested that Chinese vaccines are superior to vaccines produced elsewhere, and we have not published claims that China has exported more than 500 million doses ”.

There is no record of such a list on the newspaper’s website. If a mention of 500 million doses does appear in an article of December 9, it is not to say that China exported this half a billion. The New York Times, quoting an info from a Chinese newspaper, argued that the Sinopharm company was preparing to deliver these doses around the world.

The four Chinese vaccines mentioned in the list are in phase three of clinical trials, according to the American journal, which specifies that the data from these trials have not yet been published in scientific journals. These vaccines have not yet obtained marketing authorization in the EU and the United States.



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