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He confesses the murder of a young girl, an innocent man had spent 20 years in prison in his place


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Brian Dripps, 55, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to the rape and murder of Angie Dodge in June 1996 in Idaho (United States). Yet another individual, Christopher Tapp, who was arrested and sentenced to thirty years in prison in 1998. He was finally released in 2017 and officially exonerated two years later, reports East Idaho News​. The man therefore spent nearly 20 years in prison for acts he did not commit.

Christopher Tapp had admitted to having raped and killed the 18-year-old victim. He had also denounced those he presented as his accomplices. The DNA traces found at the scene of the crime, however, did not match the genetic profile of the suspect or the other men. The lawyers who proved the detainee’s innocence relied on this evidence. The police then also looked into these elements.

He remembers the rape but not the murder

The investigators used genetic genealogy and the services of an external laboratory. The scans put them on the trail of Brian Dripps, who happened to be living across the street from Angie Dodge at the time of the crime. After a DNA test confirmed their suspicions, the police arrested the suspect in May 2019. He was immediately taken to jail. “All I know is that I went over there to rape her,” said the American.

He said he was under the influence of cocaine and alcohol and did not remember having used his knife to cut the girl’s throat. The prosecution has issued a recommendation of 20 years imprisonment as part of the agreement that the fifty-year-old reached with the American justice system. The judge will pronounce the final sentence at a hearing scheduled for April 27.



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