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He dies after being hit by a small cannon explosion at a baby shower


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American police, illustration. – Jewel SAMAD / AFP

Evan Thomas Silva, 26, died after being hit by shards of metal in an explosion Saturday in a house in Michigan (United States). The victim took part in a baby shower, a party organized by future parents for the imminent arrival of their child. The accident occurred when a small cannon was fired, a device increasingly used in the context of these celebrations.

Investigators must now determine if the cannon malfunctioned or if it was handled recklessly, the gunman said. New York TimesSunday. They suspect the use of too much powder. The device was in the garage of the house, where the party was taking place. Evan Thomas Silva was in the garden with three or four other guests when the blow went off. Only two or three meters separated the young man from the cannon. The shrapnel also hit three parked cars.

A cannon bought at an auction

The victim was taken to Flint Hospital where he died of his injuries. No indictment has yet been decided. The party was organized at the home of a friend of the future parents. He bought the gun at an auction and had used it several times, local police said. The object is designed to emit a loud explosion sound accompanied by lightning and smoke.

“The problem with these things is that if you use gunpowder with a device that hasn’t been inspected regularly, you might not notice tiny cracks,” he said. commented Lt. Liz Rich, police spokesperson. Festive explosive devices have already caused several fires and at least two deaths in the United States since 2019.



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