World He reports a fictitious murder for the police to...

He reports a fictitious murder for the police to clear his road by intervening


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Significant amounts of snow fell in this part of the country within days. (Drawing) – C. Allain / 20 Minutes

A man living in Ukraine called the police on Saturday to report a fake murder. He wanted the police to clear the road to his home in the village of Grybova Roudnia in the north-west of the country by intervening. A significant amount of snow has fallen in the region in recent days: up to 50 centimeters in some places.

Local authorities said the road in question had already been cleared of snow in the morning but the Ukrainian was not satisfied with the job. It should be noted that in the country, public services lack the means and are often the target of criticism.

A fine of 3.5 € for abusive appeal

The man explained that he had fatally stabbed his stepfather, his mother’s spouse. The latter “no longer showed signs of life,” he told the police, relates the spokeswoman for the Cherniguiv police. On the phone, he took care to tell the officers to come with a snowplow, the only way to reach his house, according to him.

When they arrived there, they discovered that the alleged victim was alive and had not been attacked. For this abusive appeal, the Ukrainian risks a maximum fine of € 3.5. The country of 40 million inhabitants is considered one of the poorest in Europe.



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