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Mixed success for the Novavax vaccine with less than 10,000 injections in France

The French do not rush to Novavax to protect themselves from Covid-19. The vaccine has been used for no more than 9,700 injections so far since early March, the health ministry said Thursday. A “result a little below expectations” for the health authorities who hoped that this American vaccine would convince reluctant people to be vaccinated with messenger RNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna.

As hypotheses on the lack of appetite for this vaccine in France, the ministry notes that it “arrived a little late” and that it is “usable only for the primary vaccination, it is not possible as a booster”. .

6.4 million doses to sell

France has so far received 2.6 million doses of Novavax out of 6.4 million doses expected this year, according to ministry figures. Sold under the name Nuvaxovid, the vaccine from the American laboratory contains a component of the virus (but not the whole virus as with more conventional vaccines) introduced into the body in order to trigger an immune response. This technique is used for vaccines against whooping cough, meningococcal meningitis and hepatitis B.

The high health authority continues to believe that mRNA vaccines should be “preferred” for the first injections as well as for the booster, because of their higher efficiency. Currently, there are still around 4 million people aged 12 and over who have not received a single dose of anti-Covid vaccine in France.

Source: 20minutes

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