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A thousand caregivers are calling for “strong decisions by the summer to save the health system”

A collective of more than a thousand caregivers and other hospital staff has just signed a forum in The world, calling on the government to act by the summer to “save the health system. »

While the crisis affecting the sector has just resulted in the establishment of “night regulation” in the emergency room of the Bordeaux University Hospital, where you must now contact 15 before going there, this group believes that “this is just the tip of the iceberg. »

Medical and nursing teams “leave the hospital en masse”

“What appears to be the emergency crisis is to be placed within a health system that has run out of steam after many years of budgetary restrictions. The Covid crisis has only worsened the situation of a bloodless common good: the public hospital. »

If this crisis affects the whole territory, the collective alerts on the local situation: “since 2000, 20% of the beds (nearly seven hundred hospital beds) have been eliminated at the Bordeaux University Hospital. At the same time, “the aging of the population and the increase in the number of inhabitants in the Bordeaux metropolitan area are causing an increase in the demand for care that is not taken into account by our public authorities. The medical and nursing teams “have taken the full brunt of these transformations” and “no longer hesitate today to leave the hospital en masse, thus increasing bed closures. »

“A rescue plan for the French health system” is thus called for, which will go through “radical measures to stop this bleeding and give staff a taste for their work”. “In the absence of such measures by the summer, the medical, surgical and emergency services of our adult and pediatric hospitals will close their doors with a direct impact on the health of our fellow citizens. »

Source: 20minutes

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