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What is planned for cases of monkeypox

The Reunionese health authorities are preparing to take care of people with monkeypox even if no case of the disease has been detected on the island. The system to be respected by health professionals and patients is made necessary by the appearance of the first infections in metropolitan France. Reunion indeed expects to register some in the future as well.

Tracing is planned as soon as a possible first case appears.

Proven patients will have to remain isolated for three days in the event of a mild form of monkeypox, indicates Zinfos974. More serious cases will be hospitalized. On the other hand, contact cases will have no obligation to respect. A tracing system will be put in place if necessary.

Upstream, it is recommended that Reunionese who believe they have the disease or the doctors receiving them to dial 15. If tests are carried out, positive samples will be sent for confirmation in Ile-de-France, where there is an RT- Pathology-specific PCR.

Source: 20minutes

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