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Caregivers perform in the web series “Mur de blouses”

Nurse, intern, doctor… In the mini-web series “Mur de blouses”, the author Belisa Jaoul stages caregivers and episodes of their lives to raise public awareness of “the degradation of the public hospital”. . Based on testimonials from hospital staff, the director wrote eight episodes of a 4-minute mini-series, broadcast on the Youtube channel “Mur de blouses”. These “fictionalized” words are interpreted by Joshua, Aloïs, Grégoire, Sylvie, Jehane, Nathalie, Etienne and Marion, all caregivers at the public hospital.

Alois is internal. He says to himself “that he will get used to it”, “that it will work out” but “time passes”. “Everything gets worse and (he) doesn’t get used to it at all”. Jehane is a “precarious” doctor but “wants to stay, finally wanted”, she doesn’t really know anymore.
Sylvie, “a nurse for 30 years”, recalls the moment when her patient died when she had not been able to give him the 5 minutes he had asked for because of “the reality of his program”, ” of his 12 patients”, of his colleague “absent and not replaced”.

Giving caregivers a voice to alert

“Citizens must know in what situation the hospital is, must feel concerned by the death of the hospital, to put pressure on our elected officials”, explained Dr Marion Malphettes of the immuno-pathology department of the Saint-Louis hospital, at the origin of the project with Belisa Jaoul.

“In a context of extreme deterioration in the conditions of care in public hospitals, the stakes of public policies concerning the hospital are not the subject of democratic discussions. The word of the caregivers encounters multiple obstacles which prevent everyone from being aware of what is really going on”, details the association “mur de blouses” in a press release presenting the series.

Source: 20minutes

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