Now that the colder weather sets in, more of us are likely to get sick – and there are plenty of ways the NHS can help…

How will you take care of your health in the coming months?

, GG 111 and community pharmacies, and knowing which one you need can help you find the right type of stock.

So what are your options if you feel unwell?

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For information and advice about health complaints, complaints, healthy living and medication, is a good starting point.

It not only contains the latest health advice, but also answers frequently asked questions.

Contact GGD 111

Whether you call, go online or use the app, NHS 111 is your friend if you have an urgent but not life-threatening health condition and don’t know what to do.

It is available 24 hours a day and is staffed by trained health professionals, including nurses, doctors, pharmacists and paramedics.

When you contact them, they will ask you a series of questions about your health problem so they can direct you to the right care.

That could mean reassuring you that nothing is wrong or, if it’s more serious, they can refer you to your local emergency room or another local service you need to see. They may also send you an ambulance if they think your condition is serious or life-threatening, or send you to the emergency room.

In many cases, NHS 111 can help you without referring you to another service.

You can also find this service online through the website or via a link in the NHS app.

‘Our range of services is constantly evolving’

Pharmacist Jitu Malde

“At this time of year, we mainly see flu and cold symptoms,” says Jitu. “We can give flu vaccinations, advise patients about colds and prepare them well, especially the elderly.

“And if you can’t get your medicines, we can deliver them.”

Jitu is a popular and well-known appearance at Kanari Pharmacy in Fulham, South West London. The pharmacy also offers a range of private services.

“They keep coming back, so I assume they feel safe with our advice.”

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