Dementia is a progressive disease (Picture: Getty Images)

A new scoring tool can accurately calculate dementia risk, according to a recently published scientific study.

Lina Ren of the Shenzhen Mental Health Center in China and colleagues developed a predictive model for the point-risk score for dementia.

By looking at various factors, they were able to predict with 100 percent accuracy how likely people are to develop dementia over the course of 13 years.

The researchers used data from a diagnostic study of more than 400,000 people from the UK Biobank. It contains non-identifiable data from participants between 2006 and 2010 across the country.

Participants were asked a series of questions about their sleeping habits, health and walking pace.

The study found that the risk of developing dementia during the 13-year follow-up was 0.7% for men and 0.5% for women.

The number changes depending on several factors, such as whether there are previous illnesses or problems with sleepiness.

According to the authors, the results of the diagnostic study suggest that a risk assessment tool could be used to “protect individuals’ dementia risk, which can help identify their potential risk profile and advise on accurate and timely measures to prevent dementia”. or postponed. .’

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a group of symptoms

It is caused by various diseases that damage the brain

Symptoms get worse over time and include:

  • amnesia
  • Confused and need help with daily tasks
  • language and comprehension problems
  • changes in behaviour.

Dementia is progressive, meaning symptoms can be relatively mild at first but get worse over time

There are many forms of dementia, but Alzheimer’s disease is the most common. The second most common is vascular dementia.

It is important to remember that this research was conducted in a research environment with many applied mathematical models. If you’re concerned about dementia, it’s important to talk to a doctor.

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