HeathcareUSA: twins born 30 years after their embryos were...

USA: twins born 30 years after their embryos were frozen


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“They are our oldest children, although they are the youngest,” Philip Ridgway joked in an interview with CNN. Joke ? Not so much. This father, his wife, and four of his other children welcomed Lydia and Timothy, twins from embryos frozen over 30 years ago, on April 22, 1992, at the end of October. This is the record, the oldest embryos used so far. was 27 years old.

Philip Ridgway lives with his family on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. “We never had in mind a certain number of children that we would like to have,” the father of the family explained to CNN. We always thought that we would have as much as God wants to give us, and… when we heard about the adoption of embryos, we thought that this is what we would like to do. »

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However, it is no coincidence that these embryos “went” to this particular family: not striving to have “the longest frozen embryos in the world”, the spouses wanted “those who waited the longest” and met certain criteria that they could choose regarding the donor, such as ethnicity , height, weight, education, profession, favorite movies and music.

The “batch” of embryos frozen on April 22, 1992, actually numbered five, but two of them were not viable. CNN reports that the survival rate for embryos thawed is about 80%. All three were transferred to Rachel Ridgway on March 2, but only two were successful. That’s how Lydia and Timothy were born on October 31st. “I was 5 years old when God gave life to Lydia and Timothy, and since then he has kept this life,” says Philip Ridgway.

Source: Le Parisien

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