Turn your workout into a game and have more fun (Picture: Getty)

Fitness video games are a fast-growing market in the world of health and wellness.

Some experts say that playing games can make training more effective and motivate us by “gamifying” our training.

This essentially means you can have fun while staying fit, instead of feeling like it’s a chore.

We’ve selected four of the best games to help you improve your fitness.

Zombies, run!

Don’t threaten, zombie, run! get your heart racing in no time (Photos: Included)

This is an addictive running game with a heartbreaking storyline where you navigate a zombie epidemic. You’ll be hunted by hordes of zombies as you gather supplies, rescue survivors and defend your home. The narration is set to songs from your own playlist.

Free download. £5.49 monthly subscription unlocks additional game modes, zombiesrungame.com

sweat mint

Sweatcoin on the phone

Get the money and sweat to make it (Photo: Sweatcoin)

This app converts your steps into a digital currency. Trade the SWEAT cryptocurrency tokens you earn as you walk, spend them on products from over 600 brands, or donate to charities and charities. Every 1,053 steps are converted into a Sweatcoin.

Free, sweatco.in

BattleSuit Runner fitness

Screenshot of the Battlesuit Runner app

Protect Earth from alien invaders while engaging in cardiovascular activity (Photo: Included)

Use them while running or on the cardio machines in the gym, and go on missions to protect the Earth from alien invaders. Your GPS tracks your speed and you can speed up, slow down and even sprint to influence the outcome of the game. Your music will be integrated into the storyline and you can even upgrade your BattleSuit with in-game currency.

Price 59p, amazon.co.uk

charity miles

Charity Miles logo

Give while getting fit (Photo: CharityMiles.org)

Earn money for charities like Save The Children and the WWF by tracking cycling, running, walking and even dance workouts. You can connect to Strava so that any activity logged through your fitness device (Peloton, FitBit, etc.) goes directly to Charity Miles.

Free, Charitymiles.org