Louise Thompson hasn’t held back when it comes to documenting her health issues over the past year (Image: Instagram/@louise.thompson)

Louise Thompson opened up about her health in a new Instagram post, revealing that the hectic holiday season is starting to take its toll.

The former Made In Chelsea star explained to her 1.4 million followers that she hosted 12 family members this weekend and made for a great spread. She said a virus she’s harbored for more than three weeks has taken a nasty turn.

“I’ve been completely deaf on the right side for a few days now,” the doting mom explained, adding, “You’re losing something.”

It’s been a turbulent year health-wise for Louise, who spent weeks in intensive care after welcoming her son Leo into the world in 2021.

Louise nearly died in the delivery room after “serious complications” and has spent much of 2022 valiantly documenting her battle with post-traumatic stress disorder and postpartum anxiety.

Offering a glimpse of her weekend celebrations, Louise took to Instagram on Monday to post a series of snaps of her party-ready kitchen, looking typically classy in a bright pink sweater as she posed next to her immaculately decorated kitchen table.

Louise has been open about her health

The former Made In Chelsea star shared a candid Instagram post revealing how badly a night of partying had affected her health (Image: Instagram/louise.thompson)


Louise wrote, “The holidays kicked off with a weekend full of fun people. We had a long overdue family style grocery store, had some much needed GIRL time and then hosted our first internal dinner since having LEO.

“We received 12 family members, everyone put something to eat or drink and people put their hands DIRTY in the dishes. It was a pleasure.

“Speaking of treats, would anyone fancy some buttered chicken? Ryan has become an expert at throwing the right ingredients into a casserole.”

She candidly added: “I’ve been scrapping all my dietary rules, eating like a total pig…while inhaling homemade Christmas logs and hopefully completely unrelated to the above, had an absolutely bad day today.

“It couldn’t have been less productive if I tried, and I was pretty panicked and paranoid about everything and everyone all day.

Louise and her partner Ryan

Louise shares little Leo with her partner Ryan Libbey (Photo: Instagram/louise.thompson)

“I’ve had a stuffy nose for over 3 weeks and no taste or smell…the infection (or virus) successfully got into my ear and I’m completely deaf on the right side for a few days. (Side note: It’s no covid).’

Louise continued: “I really didn’t want to continue the Anti-Bs because my gut is finally in a good place, but I think I need some goddamn help. Why does everything have to have a crazy side effect?

“You win some, you lose some I guess – that’s my rather boring motto for today.

“But I really enjoyed decorating our table in bright red and pink as I swam around him like a serious grown-up with a Kate Middleton-esque haircut and a combination of cashmere and velvet with vintage Chanel boots, which I picked up of a Saks completes sale in New York circa 2019.”

What is Lupus?

According to the NHS, lupus is a long-term condition that causes joint pain, skin rashes and fatigue. There is no cure, but symptoms can improve if treatment is started early.

Lupus isn’t always easy to diagnose, as it can be similar to other conditions, with symptoms such as inflammation of various parts of the body, including the lungs, heart, liver, joints, and kidneys.

The condition can range from mild to severe and often flares up, with symptoms worsening within a few weeks and sometimes longer. Symptoms then disappear, but the reason why the symptoms flare up or disappear is not known.

Lupus is generally treated with anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, hydroxychloroquine for fatigue and skin and joint problems, and steroid tablets, injections, and creams for kidney inflammation and rashes.

It comes after Louise revealed she was diagnosed with lupus earlier this month and held back tears when she confirmed blood tests were positive for the condition.

She shared on Instagram: “I had a call with one of the rheumatologists yesterday and they got back more of my blood test results and the diagnosis is that I have drug induced lupus.

Louis first suspected she had lupus in October after uploading a photo of a rash all over her face.