HeathcareIn Era, women "gather" in battle to support cancer...

In Era, women “gather” in battle to support cancer patients and their caregivers.


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This is a story about the meeting of four women. Natalie Mortagne and Corinne Lucas founded Le Serment d’Hypocrabe in September 2022. Marin Ouvry and Linda Coelho, Ensemble Rallyons team, who will perform at the start of the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles from March 3rd to 18th. The quartet has come together to help cancer patients and their caregivers in their daily struggles.

Natalie and Korine are two former agents from Normandy. The disease brought these two colleagues closer together. “I was lucky that I avoided two cancers. I’m in remission. Korine was the companion of her father, who died of cancer. Our experience allowed us to see what the patient lacked, sometimes the isolation he experienced, this way of feeling worthless in society between two sessions of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The same is true for the teacher. Often he is at a loss, without an answer. Cancer affects both the patient and his immediate environment. We had to offer something: a quiet place, workshops, etc.,” explains Natalie, president of Hypocrab Oath.

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The two women registered the association in September 2022, applied to roughly equivalent structures such as the Resource Center in Aix-en-Provence, and then tested their ideas with the public concerned, health authorities and communities: “We decided to open our own center for a woman, men and children, patients and caregivers, suffer from all types of cancer. A neutral place, far from the hospital center, to take a break and think about something else, ”adds the co-founder.

Awareness space

They took refuge in the former presbytery of Cricbeuf-sur-Seine (near Val-de-Reuil) provided by the municipality: “From February we will offer activities related to the return to work with the League Against Cancer, meetings with a reflexologist, sophrologist or tangotherapist or pottery, music or nature-oriented workshops. It is also a space for informing the general public because prevention is a national issue. The program is available on our website. You can also come there just to drink coffee, have a bite and chat, ”explains Natalie.

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Sessions will also be rescheduled every week in the cities of Louviers and Val-de-Reuil. Through grants and donations, the duo met Marine Ouvry de Bosc du Theil and Linda Coelho.

Perfect gazelles

Passionate about motorsport, these dynamic women met on a private all-wheel-drive estate: “The feeling went away immediately. Pretty soon we decided to take part in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles. We both dreamed about it. This is a challenge to women in the desert who are doing incredible things.”

They are also quickly redeeming the vehicle and getting ready from April 2022: “We don’t let go anymore, despite our work and our family life. Together we learn to drive, to prepare a car, even though this is not a Dakar. This is an orienteering race, not a speed race. We are simply afraid of stones, mechanical failures and the famous stopwatch in the Atlas,” the navigators specify.

Despite everything, among the 191 crew, Marine and Linda do not want to make peace. The Eurowomen have also already prepared the requested cargo for the Cœur de Gazelles medical and humanitarian caravan “with clothes, blankets and other medical items.” But they didn’t want to stop there. Alternatively, candidates could register with the Gazelles Engagées to support an association of their choice.

Of course, they chose the Hypocrab Oath: “It was obvious. We immediately felt like a family. Therefore, it was necessary to complete the complete file, which will be submitted to the jury. We will get the result at the end of the draw and find out if our partner association has won the amount of 10,000 euros. Our goal, before the rally, first of all, is to bring them this amount. We all or, unfortunately, all of us will suffer sometime, ”explains Linda.

Source: Le Parisien

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