Have you heard of it? (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Does anyone else have “frozen fingers” right now?

Whether it’s shopping or just working from home, we’re all feeling the cold right now – as the UK is in the midst of another cold snap.

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And since heating still costs a pretty penny, many people are looking for alternative ways to stay warm – whether it’s hot drinks, blankets or hot water bottles.

If you choose the latter, it’s important to watch out for “hot water bottle rash” or “toasted skin syndrome” — a skin condition caused by prolonged exposure to heat (AKA when a hot water bottle leans against you). stomach for hours.)

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“Hot water bottle rash, or its official name is erythema ab igne (EAI), is a skin condition caused by prolonged exposure to heat,” explains Dr. Ross Perry, the medical director of Cosmedics Dermatology Clinics.

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