HeathcareStudents return to school after a 15-day postponement

Students return to school after a 15-day postponement


Schoolchildren from Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barthélemy and part of Guyana returned to the school benches on Monday. On August 25, the government decided to postpone the start of the new school year for these overseas territories in the face of “the dramatic situation” linked to the Coronavirus epidemic. The students had therefore not been able to resume face-to-face lessons like their comrades in France on September 2.

Despite everything, the start of the school year will be framed by an ultra-strict health protocol. The Academy of Martinique indicates that until September 24 inclusive, kindergarten and primary students will be able to come at least half a day per week but in groups of five at most. Middle and high school students can go half a day a week to their establishment without exceeding the half-gauge. The academy specifies that no catering or sports activities will be offered. In addition, the CGTM-SOEM union called on municipal and regional officials not to welcome children, citing health risks for both students and staff, reports La 1ère.

Level 4 protocol in Guadeloupe

For its part, the Academy of Guadeloupe explains that this week kindergarten and primary students will first be welcomed individually by their teacher. It is only from next week that they will be able to go to class one or two half-days per week and in groups of up to five. For middle and high school students, distance learning remains privileged until September 24.

Saint-Martin and the red classified areas of Guyana, are subject to the national level 4 protocol. Pupils can be accommodated in face-to-face in half-gauge from 4th grade. In Saint Barthélemy, on the other hand, the start of the school year resembles that of France with a level 2 health protocol.


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