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Pollen Allergy: Maximum Grass Warning in 90 Departments

France is (almost) all in red. The National Network for Aerobiological Surveillance (RNSA) has issued a pollen alert to 90 departments, according to a press release on Friday. “The risk of grass allergy will remain high throughout France, with the exception of Brittany, where it will be at an average level,” RNS points out. It will remain high for a few more weeks. »

According to the latest bulletin, only Orne, Sarthe, Mayenne, Ile-et-Villain, Morbihan and Finistère are at “medium” risk on the French mainland, while the rest are at “high” risk.

“This Pentecost weekend, the announced fine weather conditions with mild spring weather north of the Loire and estimates in the south will contribute to the release and dispersion of grass pollen in the air,” the national network justifies. Press release. And to clarify: “Only rare thunderstorms can locally and temporarily reduce the concentration of pollen and the risk of allergies. »

“Allergy risk will not exceed the low to average local level for the latest oak pollen,” RNSA clarifies. The risk of allergy will be low for psyllium, sorrel and nettle pollen (urticaceae). In the Mediterranean, in addition to herbs, you will find parietaria (urticaceae) and olive pollen with medium or high allergy risk.

In an update published on Monday, the RNSA indicated that “significant concentrations of grass pollen are widespread in the Paris area.” “Even today there was a peak at the very beginning of the day, and concentrations will remain significant until at least the middle of the day,” the RNSA said.

Source: Le Parisien

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