HeathcareResearchers find very high doses of microplastics in babies'...

Researchers find very high doses of microplastics in babies’ stools


A new scientific study has just revealed that the stools of babies contain ten times more plastic than those of adults. A result that worries scientists for the development of children.

The latter could indeed be affected by endocrine disruptors, chemicals that alter the hormonal system and which are found in plastic, reports Wired, relayed by Slate. To develop well, a child’s body needs an endocrine system, explains Kurunthachalam Kannan, an American researcher in environmental health and co-author of the study.

Ten times the plastic levels

Microparticles of plastic can be absorbed through the intestines, as are nutrients from food. This is called intestinal translocation. By passing through the intestinal wall, the particles can become lodged in other organs, such as the brain.

However, this discovery is not surprising. Infants are in fact surrounded by plastic: in bottles, toys, dishes, diapers, toys, etc. Scientists have looked for the presence of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polycarbonate in particular. The stools of six 1-year-old children, three newborns and ten adults were studied.

If the levels of polycarbonate are equivalent, those of PET are ten times higher in young people. The quantities are less important in newborns but according to the study, they are born with plastic already present in the body. Next step for scientists: to measure the effects of these microparticles in the body of infants, in order to assess the risks to their health.


Janice Thomas
Janice Thomas is a content editor at 24 News Recorder. She has 5 years of journalism experience and she he is a graduate of Wittenberg University and holds a master’s degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.


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