Heathcare"Angry" midwives on strike for more recognition

“Angry” midwives on strike for more recognition


A national strike movement at the call of several midwifery organizations for the recognition of their profession was “very followed” Saturday, according to the National Trade Union Organization of Midwives (ONSSF).

Scheduled for three days from Friday to Sunday, the strike movement is “very, very followed. This really shows that it responds to a real anger of midwives, ”said Caroline Combot. The main demand of the profession is that of “a reflection on the profession of midwife in its entirety, whatever the modes of practice, to allow attractiveness”, the remuneration being one of the components, a continued the general secretary of ONSFF, one of the two main trade unions in the profession.

The profession was disappointed by the announcements of the Minister of Health Olivier Véran in mid-September of an upgrading for midwives working in the hospital, who will receive from January a bonus of 100 euros net and a salary increase. about 100 euros gross per month. Three quarters of the 23,500 midwives (97% of women) will benefit from it, for a monthly gain equivalent to the increase of 183 euros net already granted to all hospital staff at the end of 2020 as part of the “Ségur de la santé”. . This revaluation proposed by the minister “has never been so important in the history of the profession, but where midwives are angry, it is that this is not the only response that was expected” , explained the head of ONSFF.

Since the start of the year, midwives have taken to the streets five times

Caroline Combot indicated that “more than 50% of liberal midwifery practices reported being closed this weekend”, or “more than 3,000 practices”. Maternity side, the person in charge reported about “150 maternity hospitals with 100% strikers with private maternity hospitals which have closed their doors and requisitions and assignments in public maternities”.

Since the start of the year, midwives have already taken to the streets five times to demand recognition and staff. A new day of mobilization is already scheduled for October 7 in Paris


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