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OPINION | On “alien mummies”, conferences and lack of evidence

In an activity held in the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico, headed by the ufologist of that country Jaime Maussan, those who would be two bodies that are 1,000 years old. He emphasized that these are not bodies found in ships that fell on Earth, but that they were buried and found by chance a few years ago.

If the story sounds familiar to you, it is that it is about the supposed “alien mummies” found in 2016 in Nasca, department of Ica, south of Lima. Just as it happened here in 2018, when they managed to get a parliamentarian to organize an official activity for them to present their findings in the Congress of the Republic; Those remains were shown as part of a public hearing held by the Mexican Congress, while

In the Mexican activity, the fighter pilot and former director of the US Navy, Ryan Graves, also appeared, who a few weeks ago appeared before a commission of the Congress of his country and assured that there are “ships and remains of origin non-human” in the possession of the United States Government.

How much can you believe these statements? For several media outlets that have reported the news, it seems that the participants in this activity

Despite everything, there is something new: Maussan presented as new evidence an analysis carried out by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) on these remains. He assured that the institution carried out a carbon-14 analysis and determined that they were 1,000 years old. The issue is that nothing is known from this analysis other than what we have heard. Various media, including CNN, have requested it without success.

But after,

And then what is the problem?

The same as always: that this whole issue lacks clarity. So far, the “news” regarding this research have not been announced in academic forums, but in the media and in public activities far from the scientific topic. Because talking about this before politicians (as has happened now in Mexico and before in Peru is not the appropriate way).

Similarly, at this point, the justification that, for example, promoters of pseudosciences use is that “they are not allowed to publish”, “that they are censored”, “that there are many obstacles”, “hidden interests that do not want the truth comes to light.” I know that a lot of bad research has been published in these journals, but in any case going through that filter would work in your favor.

But not only that. The Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of the Public Ministry received part of the alleged remains from the Prosecutor’s Office – because at that time the largest objects were at the National University San Luis Gonzaga of Ica (Unica) – and subjected them to various scientific studies. . As reported at the time by El Comercio, the archaeologist and forensic expert Flavio Estrada, in charge of the work, He pointed out they were armed: “What we discovered was that the alleged skin was composed of a mixture of glues, plant fiber, ground paper, rubber… and that the bones on which they had been mounted were from animals; That is to say, they had cut off the part of the snout and had used only the middle of the skull, and in the back part, where the occipital is, they had created the face of these ‘aliens’.”

Furthermore, we must remember that these excavations, extractions and investigations are the governing body in these cases.


One of the characteristics of pseudosciences is the use of ‘cherry picking’. This is what it is called when choosing some true data or facts and remove them from their original context, to use them as the supposed foundation of interested positions or points of view.

In particular, it seems to me that responding with “They’re going to find out”, “we will publish everything soon”, “New things are coming that will revolutionize what we already know” The request for evidence from the investigation only puts more suspicions on her.

, a digital streaming platform dedicated to the dissemination of content related to the supernatural, the UFO phenomenon (or FANI, as it should be called now), although it also has yoga, meditation and etc. content. And, as you can imagine, accessing these contents (which are highly required today) has a cost ranging from 10 dollars per month to US$82 per year.

What do they gain from all this? With these elements, draw your own conclusions.

Source: Elcomercio

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